Instagram marketing

Instagram marketing

Reasons why I love Instagram:
-It is mobile based and is also available on the computer at
-ITS FREE! You aren’t paying to post or advertise!

24 Instagram Marketing Tips

1. You can create separate Instagram accounts for personal and Younique business related content.

2. Use your own picture for your profile.

3. Make a username that people will remember.

4. Write a brief, but detailed bio for your profile.

5. Add a online party link/domain name in your clickable bio website link.

6. Your posts should SHOW YOUR PERSONALITY!

7. Post your own original photos!

8. Post/Repost Younique’s photos.

9. Post/Repost Customer’s photos.

10. Keep your profile Public.

11. Post a picture everyday! Consistency is key!

12. Use #hashtags in every post. They are your BESTFRIEND!

13. Connect Instagram to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr.

14. Pros and cons to watermarking.

15. Follow at least 50 people a day.

16. Follow people to get followers.

17. Follow people in your targeted audience.

18. Use Instagram Direct to send private messages to certain people.

19. Respond to comments.

20. Describe your pictures that you post.

21. Post short videos. Everyone loves short, catchy videos.

22. Pay attention to analytics.

23. Follow the top Instagram Makeup and Younique presenter posts.

24. Follow your Facebook and other connections who have an Instagram.

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