#iAmAHero: Marketing & Selling Art on Instagram (Maria Brophy)

#iAmAHero: Marketing & Selling Art on Instagram (Maria Brophy)

Today I chatted with Maria Brophy of MariaBrophy.com about some tips and tricks for using instagrammarketingonline.com/” rel=”nofollow” >Instagram to your financial advantage.

Maria Brophy has successfully represented surf artist Drew Brophy for over twelve years. She is an expert in art licensing and deal making and tells-all in her blog at . Maria solves specific problems for artists through her consulting, focusing on pricing agreements and deal-making and to help solve a specific problem.

Maria has co-authored the books titled How to Draw with Drew and developed a LICENSING AGREEMENT/CONTRACT TEMPLATE PACKAGE for artists that can be used again and again.

You can check that out here:
Maria’s vision is that “all creative people are able to design the life of their dreams, and make good money doing it!”

Visit Maria on social media:

FB: Twitter: @MariaBrophy

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