Warhammer 40k Batrep | Winters SEO | Skitarii (Belisarius Cawl!) vs Dark Angels

Warhammer 40k Batrep | Winters SEO | Skitarii (Belisarius Cawl!) vs Dark Angels

Skitarii with Belisarius Cawl make their debut on the Visicast, not only that, but the 40k YouTube LEGEND Winters SEO is on the channel!

In this Warhammer 40k Battle Report we see the Skitarii, with the new addition of Belisarius Cawl facing off against a Dark Angels Ravenwing force (not Ravenguard as Winters likes to frequently say).

Additionally we’ve finally completely sold out, there is a girl on the channel, in a shameless attempt to draw in more subscribers.

This EPIC Warhammer 40000 Batrep is full of banter and ends up being a game that could’ve gone either way.

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