Video Marketing Webinar

Video Marketing Webinar

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Hi! This is Erica DelSignore and I’m the Founder of Daily Lead Campaign and today I would like to welcome you to join us on our Video Marketing and Implementation Webinar and why would you do this? you might ask well, you’ve ever asked yourself you know I wonder if there’s a way that I can clone myself because I am so busy at work and I have the best employee here I know what I’m doing and it’s so tough to hand things off to somebody else well what if there was a way that you could clone yourself and there is there’s a way and that is through video. I use videos for so many things we are going to talk about all the different types of videos that you can me and we’re going to talk about how you can use those to save yourself time and to generate more leads and onboard new clients, and to onboard new employees even, there are so many things that you can do with video to help make your life so much easier and I’m going to walk you through some of that. So I talked about the different types of videos we’re going to go over that, we’re going to talk about the newest on YouTube what you can do with your videos on YouTube and why you should be putting all your videos on YouTube. There’s a natural way to get to the top of Google listings and there’s also some paid advertising we are going to talk about video advertising as well. The YouTube advertising is one of the least expensive per click on the internet on social media platforms where advertising is sold. And so the reason why I like it is instead of the places you can pay as much as you want on AdWords for example, you can pay five, ten, fifty dollars or hundred dollars per click it really just depends on what you want and what you’re trying to get it what vertical you’re in or that sort of thing. Now if you’re on some safe platform because Google bought video, you can get things and clips for about nine cents to twelve cents per click and really again it depends a little bit but it’s always going to be a nice low range. So you have the opportunity to actually do AB testing I do A through Z testing. I’ve got I’m gonna have a close to a hundred different ads online and I’ll be testing trying to drive traffic to webinars and videos and events and everything else so it’s very very exciting and you should definitely tune it to find out how you can use this inexpensive and extremely effective pay per-click advertising music video and the last thing we’ll talk about some of the different websites and videos that you can start talking with some of the videos that you can make to really pull that advertising and what YouTube channels you can be watching in order to get some great examples for what to do and how to make your YouTube videos more exciting and effective as far as really lead generation, client generation ,revenue generation all that can happen much faster if you know how to use video because video I guarantee you is your friend and you know I get a lot of people tell me, you know what? I have a face for radio. Well, haha I love when they tell me that because it’s really not about your face, it’s about being more personable yes, and all that stuff can be worked through. You can practice and you can get better and it’s you know it’s amazing when people to know like and trust you how much easier it is to increase your revenue and your sales in your business if they’re able to see you on a regular basis and get to know the expert that you are. So if you really want to know how to use video to increase your revenue, your new clients, your leads, and just to make your whole life in general a lot better it’s going to be fantastic because your message will always be yours and so all of the success that comes with knowing what to do with videos online. So please join us you can click on the logo or the sign that says click here for more information and you can register for my upcoming webinar on Video Marketing and Implementation and I look for seeing you there. Alright, thanks so much Erica DelSignore Founder of Daily Lead Campaign.

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