Real Estate Agent Tips For Beginners (Getting Your First Client)

Real Estate Agent Tips For Beginners (Getting Your First Client)

Real estate agent tips for beginners! In real-estate, there are MANY first. You’re first listing, buyer client, and FSBO appointment. I’m going to share step-by-step how I get my first client and how you can employ those same tactics to cultivate a following, devoted clientele base, and a steady pipeline.

Specialize in a niche
When you first start in real-estate, you’re going to get that “crowded boat” feeling. There’s a ton of agents doing the same exact thing as you are and you can’t help but feel “What exactly makes me unique?”. You need to find a unique selling point.

Vacant Land
Elderly/Special Needs/Senior Living
Specific subdivisions

2. You need to become THE EXPERT

I specialized in investments and I legit read books on investing all day + wrote content towards investors non-stop for months.

Zero-down deals
Lease Options
Absentee Owners
Where are other investors investing?

3. Hangout where those people hang out ONLINE & REAL-LIFE

There’s a saying in real-estate “every deal starts with a conversation”. You need to start conversations with as many people in your demographic as possible.
Real-estate investing clubs
Cold calling cash buyers
Cold calling absentee owners
Building email list
Content marketing SEO
Google GDN


Keep a nice little database of people that have considered buying or selling and call them every few months.

Send a nice little email letting them you’re there to help
Load all the leads into a dialer and call them once every few months
Load there emails into a Facebook audience and put an ad in front of them
Meet them at a networking conference
Buyer list + drip campaigns

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