Quokka TOP 5 Facts [Official]

Quokka TOP 5 Facts [Official]

Number 3 will shock you!

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Some call it cute, others adorable. This selfie loving creature is called the Quokka. Hi I’m Joey Lem from watchmojo and today we’re going over the top 5 facts about the Quokka. For example, did you know that the quokka lives on an island with no natural predators, so they don’t require survival tactics? Or that the quokka, the only member of the genus Setonix, is a small macropod about the size of a domestic cat???? I don’t even know what a cat is. Hope no one reads this, I’m only doing this for SEO. Here’s another fact you’ll learn just by watching the video: After a month of gestation (the process of carrying or being carried in the womb between conception and birth) females give birth to a baby called a ‘joey’. Yes, I am a Joey. If a quokka mother is threatened by a predator she will often throw her baby on the ground to distract the predator and save her own life. The average lifespan of a Quokka is 10 years. Wow, so many facts.

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