Kotton Grammer Testimonial | The Man Changing SEO

Kotton Grammer Testimonial | The Man Changing SEO

Every year millions of people around the world connect to the internet for the first time.

In 2017 the average american owns 3.6 digital devices. At home they are on the computer. At work on the tablet, and in their spare time they have their mobile phone.

If your going to succeed in business today, you need an online presence. You need to be found when people look online for what you do. This, is SEO.

In the field of Search Engine Optimisation, there is one man who is blazing a trail of success where ever he goes.

One man who is transforming the industry.

One man who has helped thousands of business owners to grow their online presence.

And a man who is redefining what it means to be an SEO Agency.

That man is Kotton Grammar.

I was first introduced to Kotton 15 months ago. I had the pleasure of hearing him present as a guest during a webinar.

After a webinar, I asked him one simple question, and his answer shaped the direction of my SEO Agency, my income and my life.

So whats my opinion on Kotton Grammar?

Well, once every few years there is one person who changes things. Someone who comes along and questions the status quo. Someone who can envision a future that others can’t

Steve Jobs did it with the Macintosh.

Thomas Edison with the Light Bulb.

And Kotton Grammer in how and SEO agency can run.

Does Kotton’s SEO Work?

Yes. Yes it does.

You can see it in his rankings – everywhere from Chicago to Orlando he is #1.

He has revealed a few tactics to be during training and in a bonus webinar, which I’ll never reveal, but let me tell you – they are really blowing it out of the water at the moment.

How has Kotton Grammer effected my business?

Kotton has officially been a coach of mine for about 3 months now. But for the 12-months before that I’ve been carefully analysing what I can see from the outside.

He’s beliefs on mind set, SEO and business have revolutionised how I approach things entirely.

To summarize – If you have the opportunity to work with Kotton, either as a client or a student, you’d be mad to pass on the chance.

This is my Kotton Grammer Testimonial, Kotton Grammar Review, Kotton Grammar Video.

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