How to Increase Revenue Using SEO

How to Increase Revenue Using SEO

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In our experience, SEO is something that B2B companies take for granted or, even worse, they don’t pay attention to at all. They sit and hope that Google will find them relevant for keywords, and out of the goodness of their heart rank them in top positions and send loads of traffic. While this seems obviously naïve, it turns out that when prioritized and understood, SEO can drive not just traffic, but revenue.

A common problem we find is that many B2B companies simply don’t know how to track organic traffic to ROI. And because of the tracking difficulties, it might as well not even exist. If this sounds familiar, then this web clinic is for you!

Watch our Web Clinic to set yourself up for SEO ROI success!

During this Web Clinic, our Head of Business Development Mike Turner covers:

Our top SEO tactics that generates ROI.
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