How to Dissect Your Competitors’ Paid Traffic

How to Dissect Your Competitors’ Paid Traffic

Discover how you can use Ahrefs to optimise your paid traffic. Do not forget to get our 14-day Free Trial activated and put all the tips shared in this tutorial into practice with no delay!

The secret here as with so many SEO tactics is to study what your competition is doing and piggyback of their success.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Check our competitors’ paid keywords

Enter a competitor’s URL into Ahrefs Site Explorer tool ( and in the Overview tab check the total number of keywords this URL ranks for in paid search results.

Step 2: Find your competitors’ top-performing landing pages

Go to Top landing pages report under the heading Paid search. This report gives you your competitors’ top-performing landing pages, sorted by the amount of paid traffic that page gets. Here you can see the exact landing pages they use to drive traffic from paid Google ads, the keywords they are targeting, and the actual ad copy, so you can dissect their strategy for both – landing pages and ads.

Step 3: Dissect their strategy

You want to see the exact landing pages your competitors use to drive traffic from paid Google ads, the keywords they are using, and their actual ad copy.

So if you decide that you do not want to wait for a page to rank organically for your keyword and instead test paid traffic, you can adopt a similar strategy and piggyback on their best landing pages, keywords and even the ad copy they use. This will give you a huge head start to effectively compete with them in paid search results.

A note about Ahrefs Paid search reports:

all three Paid search reports in Ahrefs will come in handy depending on the information you are looking for.

You see that they all give the same information, but are organized differently:

– the Top landng pages report is grouped by the pages URLs;

– the PPC keywords report sorts the data by keywords. This gives you the list of keywords your competitors are paying for, along with Volume, KD, landing page URL, and other useful data. If you are looking for the paid keywords you need to bid, check out this report!

– Ads report sorts by your competitors’ ads and gives you their top-performing ads, including the Volume for the ad’s keyword, CPC, and the landing page URL. If you are trying to create your own ads, you’ll love this report.

That’s it! Whether you are trying to optimise your organic search results or trying to win paid traffic, it’s important to study what your competition is doing before you start! So make paid traffic research part of your planning process and enjoy the head start it gives you with your campaigns!

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