Catch It If You Can: A New Wave of Brick and Mortar Pop-Ups Creates Experiences Not Found Online

Catch It If You Can: A New Wave of Brick and Mortar Pop-Ups Creates Experiences Not Found Online

Brick and mortar pop-ups are becoming all the rage, presenting a new way for brands to create buzz amongst consumers, especially companies that started out with only an online presence. Recent additions to the scene include the pop-up Google stores in the trendy Melrose Ave district of LA, and Flatiron in New York. Given the company’s more recent venture into hardware, with their Pixel range, VR equipment and smart Home products, it only makes sense to give customers a space to experience, touch and feel these products.

But what about those brands that still only have a purely digital presence? How does a short-term pop-up work for them?

The concept is far from new. Brands have always taken opportunities to engage with customers in unique and interactive ways, from the sampling activities in consumer exhibitions and tradeshows, to guerilla marketing techniques like flash mobs or street promotions. The terminology has shifted through many forms, from traditional “promotions” and “field marketing” to “experiential” and “immersive branding”. Ultimately, the purpose is all the same….

To give the consumer a unique and exclusive interaction with a brand or product, so that they come away with a stronger affiliation to it, and a story to share.

In today’s landscape, where everyone is competing for attention, from social media influencers to full traditional marketing teams, it becomes a challenge to provide that next dopamine hit to the discerning millennial with the disposable income. Tai Lopez, a leading internet marketer and social media influencer talks about the importance of the VRIN score on his blog posts when marketing a product or a person. Let’s break down what VRIN means:

V = Value
R = Rarity
I = Inimitable
N = Non-substitutable

The concept of a pop-up store fits this profiling very well….


Script Written by Darren Darnborough

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