5 SEO Mistakes That Smart People (Like You) Keep Making

5 SEO Mistakes That Smart People (Like You) Keep Making

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Mistakes happen, even when you’re good at what you do. Whether you’re an SEO beginner or an expert, no one is immune to messing up. But never fear – we’re hear to point out the most common SEO mistakes people make and how to remedy them!

Join Chris & Matt this week for an exciting discussion on “5 SEO Mistakes That Smart People Keep Making” by Jeremy Knauff at Search Engine Journal.

So it says, “We all start at Zero,” and “Why are there so many mistakes?” Right? Because if you’re in this industry, you see mistakes happen all the time. They happen from “professionals,” they happen from amateurs. The reality is that for starters, there’s a monumental amount of disinformation out there on the internet. So if you’re out there just kinda collecting information and, “I’m gonna try this, gonna try that.” You might end up in some wrong areas of town if you will.

Just call us. Just call us, it’s simple.

Alright, so number 1, “Putting bots before humans.” I feel like you should never put a bot before human. the tactics that you used to use that were really focused on chasing the algorithms definitely do not work. And those are like ineffective tactics like keyword stuffing, very specific content length, and manipulative linking schemes.

He says that, “What it takes to rank well today is exactly the same as what it takes to satisfy visitors.” We say on the podcast all the time: if you’re providing a good experience to the Google user, then Google will look favorably upon you.

So number 2, “Focusing on tactics instead of strategies.” So they’re like, “Let’s just jump in and start those tactics,” and the reality is, what’s the strategy? What are you trying to do?

Like when you’re doing SEO, people are like, “I just wanna rank for like 10 different words.” Well if those 10 different words aren’t associated with each other in any way, that’s 10 different SEO campaigns. And people don’t think about that.

Alright number 3, “Not identifying worthwhile Key Performance Indicators.” I’ve heard the phrase recently that it’s not test and measure, it’s measure and then test. And the reason they make that delineation is before you even start anything – The Test – know what you’re gonna measure and have pre-measured it, ‘cause there might be some data that you can already pre-measure and then now start testing. Because the measurement is so important you’ve gotta have it in place before you even start The Test. For us the right KPI is actually the conversion.

Alright number 4, “Failing to accurately track performance.” This happens all the time with our customers. You think you know exactly how your customers searches, how they think, what they need to see, and then we get data that shows you otherwise and then you let it go, instead of looking for that data from the beginning.

He said there’s great places to get data, to track them: Google Analytics, Search Console, Raven, SEMrush, Moz. These are all really valuable, we’re really focusing a lot of attention on SEMrush these days.

Alright number 5, “Following advice from questionable sources.” there’s a ton of information out there that some of it is misleading, it’s conflicting. And a lot of this information is pretty old of like what people are sharing. Not to say that there aren’t some killer affiliates out there that are rocking it, but they’re not sharing their tactics in the open forums. I think a lot of people, that’s why they listen to the podcast, right?

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