3 Awesome SEO Tactics For 2014

3 Awesome SEO Tactics For 2014

http://bit.ly/1i0DEbM Running a successful SEO campaign takes a lot of hard work. As 2014 is drawing near, there is one thing that has been the same since 2003, SEO has really not changed all that much. Quality beats quantity every time. So if you’re not focusing on quality maybe you should start. While, I’m not going to argue the fact that a lot of inexperienced SEO’s used a lot of dodgy link building tactics in the past. Google has combatted these blackhat tactics over the years (Penguin & Panda) are a prime example of this. But, if you’re wondering what works now and what you should focus your efforts on in 2014 this article will be beneficial to you.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the best tactics you can use. I refer to as magic ferry dust. A lot of people will go about it the wrong way though. For instance, I have talked with a number of SEO’s that focus on getting dozens and dozens of guest post on low value websites. I like to focus on getting highly authoritative guest post on authority sites that are very relevant to my niche. Therefore, a number of authority guest post can be much more beneficial than hundreds of low value guest posts.

Why is authority guest posting the way to go? Because, the link juice that they pass are significantly higher than dozens of low value ones. Not to mention, that if you focus on quality ones it will help build natural backlinks to your site.

I should also note that you want to take advantage of Google Authorship for these guest post. This will build a strong backlink to your Google profile which passes a lot of link juice. There are a number of great plugins for WordPress that you can install and configure in under 5 minutes, so their is no excuse for not using it. With all the amounts of spammy sites on the net now, just having that picture next to your website on Google really goes a long way.


I absolutely love this tactic. It’s great for link bait and webmasters jump on awesome infographics which can really build a lot of natural links to your website. If you create a well thought out infographic and post it on 3-4 authority sites this will help your SEO drastically. For instance, let’s say I did a infographic on lizards. All the fun facts about lizards I could think of. I then contacted a number of sites to display my infographic on. They published it and before you know it thousands of sites are linking to their page which links back to me. The amount of link juice it passes is significant.

Make sure your infographics are well thought out. This means if it’s not something you would absolutely love to display on your site than maybe you should reconsider making your infographic better.

The hardest part to creating a infographic is actually contacting webmasters that will agree to put your infographic up. You might spend 3-4 days developing an awesome infographic, but could end up spending 1-2 weeks contacting various authority websites.

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