Website Marketing Tactics For Geelong Businesses From Local Web Agency 0490 752 029

Website Marketing Tactics For Geelong Businesses From Local Web Agency 0490 752 029
Interview On Website Marketing Hints for Geelong business owners

There are 7 reasons why business websites fail to convert visitors into customers.

Business owners believe and are constantly told the reason your website doesn’t convert enough visitors into sales is they don’t get enough visitors.

So what do they do, they spend more money on Facebook ads, more backlinks and more SEO work.

And their bounce rate keeps getting higher. But hey, most business owners never look at their website analytics and when they do, some SEO consultant tells them it will average down as you throw more traffic at the website.

More crap traffic from crap backlinks is all about taking more money out of the business owners pocket. How do you know, as a business owner know its crap backlinks giving you crap traffic? Because the company charging you like a bull is telling you they are creating 200 backlinks a week or a month and that it takes time. If you’re lucky they might even show you some of those links.

The real reason you can’t convert visitors into sales is because the visitors are not qualified to buy from you.

They are not your ideal customers. They are tyre kickers and have no real interest in your product or service. They’ve more than likely been enticed to click on the link for a promise that doesn’t match in with your business.

Now even when you do have qualified visitors come to your website and they still don’t put up their hand to buy from you, you realise your website isn’t selling you or your services properly.

Well, I can tell you there are 7 mistakes your website is making right now.

If you want to convert more visitors into customers and stop them going to a competitors website and possibly buying from them then you’re going to have to change these 7 mistakes that are on your website right now.

From Warren Granger – Local Web Agency

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7 Costly Website Mistakes


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