Video SEO – How to Rank videos in YouTube (in less than a minute)

Video SEO – How to Rank videos in YouTube (in less than a minute)

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I love ranking YouTube videos on the top of Google and YouTube. In this video, I actually show you the 9 steps I use to upload my video so it is fully optimized. Then, I actually make the video live on YouTube, and start the stopwatch.

In less than 1 minute, my video ranks in the 3rd position on the first page of YouTube. This proves how important it is to optimize your videos before you make them live. It also proves how quickly YouTube indexes new videos uploaded to their site. I am even amazed at how quickly videos can rank in YouTube!

I bet the very fact that you are watching this video now is because you found it in YouTube when you searched “YouTube SEO” or “Video SEO” or “How to rank videos” or something like that.

Even though I just threw this video together, and didn’t even record it professionally (I kinda regret that now) you still found this video and watched it. I had to upload a false thumbnail for this video because of how crummy the production was!

Regardless, YouTube is the second largest search engine, and if you are leveraging it to promote your business or your products, you are in good shape!

I love helping local businesses produce a professional promo video for their video marketing, and ranking that video in Google for their local search terms. People are much more likely to trust you if they see your video than just visiting your website.

One of the important factors in ranking YouTube videos, is a long, keyword rich title and description. Unfortunately, I am running out of things to say in this description!

Anyway, you also want to add 5-10 keyword rich tags, add your video to a playlist within the same subject matter or keyword.

Make sure you share your new video to your email lists and social media pages, so that it can get the most engagement which is an important factor in ranking videos on YouTube.

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