The Best Lead Generation System

The Best Lead Generation System

Top Broker and Real Estate Sales Coach Neil Schwartz explains what it really takes to be successful in today’s Real Estate market. Visit for more great tips.


1. What systems do you have in place?






2. What needs to be improved or eliminated?

3. What percentage of your business comes from each source of business? What is your definition of a lead?

4. 70% of ALL DEALS COME FROM LEAD FOLLOW UP… How many leads do you have?

5. Schedule lead follow up every day, several times a day. Find them!

6. Keep calling at different times of the day.

7. 80% of your day should be dedicated to looking for business. What is your %? _____.

8. Attitude, Approach and Expectation

9. Mindset – find one great lead everyday.

10. Mindset – set one appointment per day.

There are many ways to find leads. Some better than others…

If your systems is working for you great…

If not, look at another but don’t stop working.

Rule #1: Always put in a great 8. A great 8 hours 5 days a week.


1. Past Clients / center of Influence. This is your foundation.

a. E-mail weekly

b. Snail mail monthly

c. Call every other month

d. Give outstanding Customer service

2. Expireds

a. Call

b. Door Knock

c. Mailings – Call to action-

d. Call and go see again and again until you meet them.

3. Past Expireds

a. Keep Calling and going to the door…

b. Mail to them is slower…more expensive but it’s a source of communication.


a. Systematize to research numbers

b. Call …using fsbo survey script

c. Call and go see and use pre-qualifying script at house

“As a professional real estate agent it is my job to see all homes for sale including FSBO’s. No obligation… can I come by at 2 or would 4 be better?”

5. Investors…(flippers)

a. Identify

b. Script

c. Database

6. Non-Owner Occupied

a. Identify

b. Script

c. Database

7. For Rent – Owners who may want to sell and avoid the frustrating rental market.

8. Attorneys/CPA’s

Make it a goal to call 2 or 3 every week and offer your services and see if they need any information on the market. Offer to put them on your weekly email that has all the updated real estate information that you are sending out to your past clients and center of influence list.

9. Just Listed/Just Sold

a. Call using the Hot Market script

b. Door Knock using the Hot Market script

10. Community Organizations – be visible not invisible

a. Charities

b. Service Organizations

c. Chamber of Commerce

11. Website – do you need to make it better? 75-85% of all potential buyers and sellers look passively for information before they do something.

We at Century 21 Masters have some great free tools for you to use to help you in this area. Check for upcoming classes.

12. Affiliates – Who makes money off your efforts? What are they doing besides great service to help you?

a. Lenders

b. Title Companies

c. Home Warranty

d. Appraisers

e. Home Inspectors

f. others?

13. Open Houses

a. Call neighbors invite them to open houses

b. Door knock around the open house

c. Call leads to come see the house

d. Call neighbors and leads during the open house if it’s slow. Don’t just sit there waiting.

14. Networking with successful business people

a. Chamber of Commerce

b. Charities

c. Service organizations

15. Mailers…Advertisements and Magazines

Agent to agent referrals – create a database of agents and e-mail quarterly.

16. Orphan Clients

a. Clients that bought your listing and you did not represent them. You do now because their past agents ignores them!

17. Local Schools – Call the principals of each school and offer to set up a gift program for any referrals you receive from employees, teachers, students, etc.

a. Go to a PTA meeting

b. Go to Sporting events

Reminder… We are in the meet the people business. You must get more listing’s to thrive in this market. No listings and you will always be working for someone else. With listings you are the boss and all the other agents work for you.

So which do you prefer? Learn to be one of the greatest listings agents in the area where all the agents are working for you or continue to be like all the other average agents that just get by.

What will it be?

You choose…

Not lets go out and make this the best week ever!

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