Optimize Trading Tactics To Make Them More Effective

Optimize Trading Tactics To Make Them More Effective

Every trader has certain trading tactics they have acquired over the years that provide the basis of the method they use to trade the market. Although the applied approach may resonate and bring a high level of trust, the success ratio without a standardized TradePlan and normalized TradeStrategy will undoubtedly lack consistency and not be sustainable. Applying TradeTactics within the construct of a normalized TradeStrategy improves its effectiveness and can be optimized when executed within defined market structure and by incorporating dynamic order flow events.

John demonstrated the process of creating a systematic approach to trading and how trade tactics can be optimized by using Jigsaw’s JSServices integration:

How standardizing a trading approach can make it more sustainable
How using Jigsaw’s JSServices integration to normalize a trade strategy improves consistency
How macro structure metrics and orderflow dynamics can optimize trade tactics effectiveness

Attendees gained insight into the steps needed to create a more systematic approach to trading and offered a free trial of a comprehensive set of analytics and applications that support that process. The video is at the end of this blog post.


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