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Linkedin Tutorial | How to use Linkedin Advanced | ClickTecs provides this Linkedin Tutorial to show you how to use LInkedin Adavanced to complete your profile. This video shows you the reason as to why as well as gives you the tactics to complete your Linkedin Profile 100%. You will also learn how to optimize your Linkedin Profile so you rank at the top of Linkedin Search. The Linkedin tutorial also covers how to network in Linkedin groups and answer questions on Linkedin answers to build credibility. Contact us at for more details.
Lets begin to optimize your Linkedin profile. Here are some key items that will really boost the optimization of your Linkedin profile.
a) Your Professional Headline in Linkedin
Since you are limited by the number of characters you can enter in this space, it is important to do keyword research on the key phrases or skill sets that will drive the most traffic, and are in line with your experience. Ie. If you specialize in mobile marketing, you may consider using words such as ‘mobile marketing expert’, ‘mobile expert’, ‘mobile applications’ and/or ‘mobile websites’.
b) Current and Past Employment History on Linkedin
Typically job titles are entered here, however it is another key area where you can insert keywords that are in line with your skills. Ie. If you were the VP of Franchise Development, you may consider entering in additional keywords after your official title such as, ‘Franchise Expert’, ‘Franchise Advisor’ and/or ‘Franchise Consultant’.
c) Employment Description Section on Linkedin
This area plays a very important role in the optimization of your Linkedin Profile. This area is not limited by characters, therefore, you can outline your job description in detail, all the while keeping in mind the key skill sets you want to be found for on Linkedin.

d) Professional Summary on Linkedin
This are is analogous to a cover letter. Ensure that the keywords you have been optimizing for throughout your Linkedin Profile are repeated sporadically in your summary section.

e) Linkedin Specialties
A great way to increase the keyword density, without having the profile sound as if it was written for search engines, is to list your specialties. This allows for an easy to follow list of your skills, and also increases the density and therefore the level of optimization for those keywords.
f) Linkedin Interests & Linkedin Honors and Awards
An area that is often neglected when users optimize their Linkedin profiles
are the Interests and Honors & Awards sections. If you want your profile to
rank for a competitive keyword on Linkedin, chances are you will need to utilize these sections in order to get the maximum repetition of the target keyword.
g) Linkedin Vanity URLs
To ensure you are claiming your name, it would be wise to get your vanity url. Simply go to this link, and type in your name the way people would search for it. If it is available, claim it.
h) Adding a Linkedin Badge
Once your profile is professionally built and optimized, you want to drive traffic to it. Remember, it is your “Social Selling Business Card”. You can do this by adding a Linkedin Badge to your other web properties. Check out this link to learn how to get the html snippet which you can use to put a Linkedin badge on your website.
i) Linkedin Groups
Another way to drive traffic to your profile is to be active on Linkedin Groups. You are limited to joining 50, so pick wisely. Don’t just join groups where all your peers are. Try to join groups where your customers are, offer to connect people and give advice to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Remember to sign off using a link back to your profile or website.
j) Linkedin Recommendations
This is an extremely valuable part of Linkedin. The Linkedin recommendations are out on the web forever, and will be read by everyone who searches for you online. To get recommendations, use personal notes rather then the automated emails that the Linkedin Recommendation module sends by default.
In summary, it is important to have a professionally optimized Linkedin Profile. It acts as your social selling business card, and helps build credibility. However, remember, ‘if you build it, they will come’, only works in the field of dreams. You have to actively optimize your Linkedin Profile if you want to increase visibility and be found for the areas in which you have an expertise.

Check out this Linkedin Tutorial Video | How to use Linkedin Advanced.

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