Lead Generation Strategies : In this 3 Minute video i Reveal all Traffic Generation Plans

Lead Generation Strategies : In this 3 Minute video i Reveal all Traffic Generation Plans

Lead Generation Strategies
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Here are some ideas on what kind of lead generation strategies are out there and which one might be a fit for you.

Three main areas of lead generation

1. Lead Generation Strategies with Paid Advertising
This includes Facebook PPC, YouTube PPC, Banner Ads, Ezine Ads and etc.

This strategy is really good if you have some budget for your advertising, which is roughly around 0-500 or more per month. So if you do have some budget for PPC then go ahead and start out with paid advertising. This also works really well for people who are not able to go full time with their MLM yet, and who can’t spend so much time creating content and driving traffic to it. However if you don’t have this kind of budget you will need to look into social media and/content marketing, which we gonna discuss next for Lead Generation Strategies.

2. Lead Generation Strategies with Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn… etc..

Basically this is like old school prospecting, but online through the social networking sites like facebook or Twitter. This kind of lead generation strategy is all about meeting new people, starting conversations and developing relations. In the end of the day Network Marketing is a people business and you need to connect with people.

3. Lead Generation Strategies with Content Marketing
Articles, Videos, Blog, etc.

Content marketing puts you in front of prospects when they are in the mood of looking for something. I also love the idea that with blog you are building your piece of real estate in the Internet. There are cases when Facebook accounts were terminated, YouTube videos were deleted and you can’t really do anything about it, because you don’t own it. With blog it’s a different story you building something that is yours and nobody can take it away from you. Even if your YouTube Channel has been deleted you still have your blog that generates leads. Thats what we really prefer among all Lead Generation Strategies out there ๐Ÿ™‚

p.s. to read full article about Lead Generation Strategies click on the link right now http://leveragebusinessonline.com/lead-generation-strategies-and-how-to-choose-yours/

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