Konker seo

Konker seo

Theres a new site called KonKer for SEOs its a site dedicated to seo services,that you can buy seo services by other SEOers who specialze in hunting down great PBNs domains or PBN backlinks, youtube video creation gigs including backlinks and embeds,Google Maps, Press releases,Graphics & Design shoot they even have custom written articles.

It used to be called Source market by alex becker but today mr seo teddy its called konker. If your passion is to buy or sell one of these services or the many others listed at Konker then get your little fanny over there today and help the seo world discourver ya. Then you can cry I have konker

Remember mr. seo Teddy, its KonKer for seo services https://goo.gl/JuikFw


G Site: https://goo.gl/NXSLhH
Map: https://goo.gl/18WKzT
Linkspage: https://goo.gl/6Z3G9Y
Twitter: https://goo.gl/MjBSks
Best Gig Sheet: https://goo.gl/dnJBtL

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