How To Rank On Google First Page?

How To Rank On Google First Page? – Get Ranked on Google, Yahoo, Bing

How To Rank On Google First Page?

Figuring out how to get on the first page of Google may feel like a complex and overwhelming task. Google uses many tools and algorithms that are updated regularly to determine the order that websites are displayed in search results. Following some simple steps makes it possible to create a website that comes up on top in Google ranking search results.

1Find the most popular words or phrases that people would use to search for your site. Google AdWords can show what search queries users look for, how many searches are performed on those words and how much competition there is for that search phrase. Understanding these search phrases is important to learning how to get on the first page of Google.

2Write unique words or phrases that match the search queries exactly. If you offer a local service or business, include the regional information in the phrase – for example, “car repair Newark.” The words have to be located together on the same page of the site; Google searches pages only when looking for phrases, not whole websites. They also should be in the exact order, although punctuation marks between words are acceptable.

How To Rank On Google First Page
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