How to Market a Cleaning Company WITHOUT wasting money on tactics that won’t work

How to Market a Cleaning Company WITHOUT wasting money on tactics that won’t work

How to market a cleaning company is a hard question with a simple answer.
What do janitorial companies do when tragedy strike? We all saw the strength and devastation nature rained down on New Orleans during hurricane Katrina. An entire city leveled, homes smashed, stores wiped away from their foundation and families stranded on rooftops.

After the storm cleared, people started to clean up and rebuild. But together with all the effort to repair the physical damage to the city, were the thousands of business owners trying to put back together all the pieces of their businesses that they had spent years, if not decades building.

Today’s guest is just one of these brave owners who made it through and rebuilt his business after the destruction. Jeff Norris of Simply Clean Janitorial has been in business since 1999 after Hurricane Katrina, Jeff simplified his business to survive and rebuild his business.Today, Jeff asks Mike one of the most important questions to any cleaning business, how to market a cleaning company.

Are you overwhelmed with advertising options? Find out how to KNOW which marketing options are best for your cleaning business. We cover some of the most frequently asked questions regarding how to market a cleaning company :

Is SEO right for your cleaning company?
Should you market online or offline?
What message should you have on your marketing
How to find out where your customers are
What is the minimum online presence standard?

Mike coaches Jeff on how he can get that crucial information to best attract his ideal customers to his business.The answer is shockingly simple, but almost always overlooked and can be done TODAY and cost NOTHING.

Sometimes the customer is WRONG! Too many bad leads can KILL your business and force you into working 24/7. Hear how to identify who the wrong customers are, how to disqualify them before wasting a bunch of time and more importantly, how to find and position yourself with the right customer to market your cleaning company.

Ever miss the days of Yellow Pages? Sure they charged an arm and a leg for one tiny square in a sea of your competitors but at least you were all in the same crappy overpriced boat together. Nowadays you have to navigate through dozens of media and marketing avenues and decipher conflicting advice on which way to go.

Do you need a Facebook page? What about Instagram or Twitter? Find out how to know who to trust in the online marketing world so you don’t waste hundreds or thousands in the wrong media with the wrong message going to the wrong people and what your customers WANT to hear.

Hear how to simplify your business with focus and regain control over you life and how overextending yourself can hurt your business. All this comes together to give you a better understanding of how to market a cleaning company.

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