How to Increase Blog Traffic and Get More Readers

How to Increase Blog Traffic and Get More Readers I’m discussing “How To Increase Blog Traffic to Get More Readers.” There are many techniques to get blog or web traffic but only a handful are reliable. Watch this video to see exactly what I am referring to.

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0:00hey this is andre from Andre l’ve and today we’re going to discuss how to
0:07increase block traffic won’t discuss up just a few different methods in order to
0:15increase blog traffic there are many ways to do it but there’s only a few i
0:22believe a few ways that are very very effective one of those ways is through
0:31paid traffic running ads on Facebook or any other social media site will get
0:40traffic to your offer or traffic to your website and things of that nature
0:48as you can see on this picture here you can promote your website promote or
0:53facebook page and that button down there is where you can promote some other
1:00different things like your sign-up button so you can get traffic through
1:06paid methods as well and that’s probably not a new revelation for you either but
1:13pay traffic is one way another method is through search engine optimization and
1:20this is more of a
1:23detail process than many think
1:29do your research on search engine optimization that that’s all I have to
1:35tell you do your research on about one thing on one person that I want to
1:39recommend as a guy named Neil a tail and this guy has some awesome content on SEO
1:47and he knows what he’s talking about
1:50so make sure you go to his blog at neil patel . com / block or just do a google
1:58search on me
1:59no you can see his name right there so he’s not not that hard to find this guy
2:03knows what he’s talking about so myself
2:07I really didn’t understand search engine optimization until i came upon his
2:12content so make sure that you see what he’s all about another method as well as
2:21back links through back link so this website here isn’t is a great
2:27website but like I told you previously check out Neil Patel first before you
2:33even shoot any back links tool to any of your pages or anything so make sure i
2:42can say that a hundred thousand times I was somebody said it to me make sure you
2:47check out Neil Patel
2:48so you can find out the purpose of off page on page SEO off page SEO where
2:55you’ll utilize back links these last two methods that i’m going to talk about are
3:04probably the most effective and that’s one of his guest posting
3:09let’s say if you were a one of the north but let’s say you’re you’re in a
3:15skateboarding niche
3:17and you wanted to find out the top skateboarding blogs and you know so you
3:24can guess post forum or what not a contact the webmaster all the owner of
3:30the site and establish a relationship of some sort and see if they would let you
3:35write against polls form so that’s a that’s a great way and a very effective
3:44a very very very very effective way of increasing your block traffic
3:49the other one is is a similar thing is just really collaborating with other so
3:55you don’t just have to collaborate with others guest post and you can also do it
3:58on larger websites is well
4:01web sites that accept contributing writers so and one that comes to mind is
4:07the huffington post is one so there there’s ways to get me and so you might
4:12want to do a little research on that book collaborating with others will
4:16bring that it can potentially bring a ton of traffic to your website or to
4:24your blog and make sure you get a copy of my free book the 13 online marketing
4:31tools that local businesses can utilize today make sure you download that today
4:38also subscribe to my channel so you can see all the different updates so you can
4:46get all the different updates when I come out with the new video hey thanks
4:52for watching thanks for spending a little time for me and checking out this
4:56video and I appreciate it thank you much

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