HOW TO GROW ON YOUTUBE FAST – Rank Your Videos On Search Pages (Attract More People To Your Videos

HOW TO GROW ON YOUTUBE FAST – Rank Your Videos On Search Pages (Attract More People To Your Videos

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Being consistent is one of the most difficult things to do as a content creator. If you take a look around YouTube you might think that every video in ever imagined has been created and that is most likely true (NOT) If most of your ideas have been done then just put your own spin on a popular topic. For example, there are many “unboxing” tech videos…what if you created a “reboxing” and talk about the various components of tech while you put it back in the box? The key here is creativity and that will certainly boost subscribers.

Another key factor to gaining subscribers is keeping your audience retention above 50% doing this will allow YouTube to favorite your video and it could possibly get your videos “suggested”.

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Marketing on YouTube has a lot of similarities to SEO.

To get views, one of your main goals will be to rank in YouTube’s searches without putting in more effort than your initial promotion.

You could try some black hat tactics, just like in SEO, to get the extra views, but that’s never a long-term solution.

Instead, you need to create videos people actually want to watch. There are three steps to it.

Step #1 – Accomplish or entertain, pick one: Ask yourself why someone watches a video. There are really only two reasons why.

Either they want to learn something to solve a problem, or they want to be entertained.

You need to make sure that your video accomplishes at least one of these, if not both.

The reason why understanding this is so important is because it will shape how you make your videos.

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