Bob Proctor Coaching OMG’s Liz Herrera – 7 Figure Amazon SELLER!

Bob Proctor Coaching OMG’s Liz Herrera – 7 Figure Amazon SELLER!

Bob Proctor Coaching OMG’s Liz Herrera – 7 Figure Amazon SELLER! Visit for the latest Amazon tactics and strategies

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In this video Bob Proctor takes time out of his busy schedule to interview and offer advice to OMG’s Liz Herrera.

For those of you that do not know Liz she is a 7 figure a year Amazon seller who began selling on Amazon about 2 years ago. Since then she has been able to scale her business up significantly, not only using the techniques and tactics she learned from within OMG but also using strategies she learned from Bob.

Now you might be wondering what exactly is OMG. OMG stands for One Man Gang and was founded by David Mills, Mike Long and Greg Morrison. It was created to help people learn more about Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Greg initially was nicknamed the one man gang because of the fact that he managed to create a seven figure business just with one primary employee… himself.

Since its creation it has evolved into something much bigger. Not only do they teach SEO now but they also teach other techniques to help people learn to make money. Techniques like selling on Amazon, and making money through affiliate websites.

These techniques are taught in a webinar format where an expert in the field shows students step by step over the shoulder how they actually use these techniques in their business. In addition to that there are also weekly webinars where again an expert is talking about cutting edge tactics that are available in making money online.

Perhaps the most valuable thing about the community though is the Facebook message groups where everyone takes the time to post and answer questions. In addition to that they are also just there encouraging one another to get out there and succeed.

All in all it is an extremely valuable community that is almost a necessity for someone wanting to succeed in this crazy world that we call internet marketing.

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