Video SEO Expert-Youtube SEO

Video SEO Expert-Youtube SEO

Video SEO Experts-How To Rank A Video in Google and Youtube SEO

If your looking for a real insight to how to get leverage using video seo and building brand by ranking videos in youtube and Google you are at the right place at a perfect time. I will show you live over the shoulder how I optimize my videos online and do this for local clients. I don’t leave anything out. Build authority in your niche and create compelling videos. Visit my website and you won’t be asking how to rank a video in Google any longer. Of course rankings depends on competition but you will get great insights of what I am doing and I will prove to you that I am ranking page 1. Search engine marketing is a vital piece of advertising your business in 2016 and moving forward so why not stay in the loop and not miss a thing. Learn from a video SEO Expert with proof.

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Great tips
Video and marketing is a powerful tool for getting more visibility more quickly, so you can get your message out, attract your ideal clients, make more money, and have more impact. It’s been reported that your chances of getting a page-one listing on Google search increase by 53 times when you use video.
Video search engine marketing is relationship marketing: crucial for connecting, building loyalty and developing the “know, like, and trust” factor which is so important when doing business online.
To be effective with video, the emphasis needs to be on your marketing strategy. You must ask: What’s the goal of the video? What business objective will it accomplish? Who will be viewing the video, and what do you want the viewer to do after they watch it? Think strategy first, and tools, equipment and technology later. source:…
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