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Kỹ thuật Seo Video Youtube

Kỹ thuật Seo Video Youtube

Seo Video Youtube đang là 1 xu hướng mới giúp doanh nghiệp quảng bá thương hiệu đến với đông đảo khách hàng. Video này sẽ hướng dẫn các bạn cách thức Seo 1 Video lên top đầu tìm kiếm Google.
– Giảng viên: Mr Trường Đặng
– Truy cập website http://vinamax.edu.vn/ để xem trọn bộ video hướng dẫn hoặc đăng ký 1 khóa đào tạo SEO chất lượng trong 11 buổi tại: http://vinamax.com.vn/dao-tao-seo-chuyen-sau/



Thank you for watching our new music video for FIT2GETHER! Be sure to THUMBS UP and SUBSCRIBE if you liked it! We had a lot of fun making this and hope you like it too ♥

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Pick up my 2nd Mini Album on iTunes now!

Mastered by: Tom Coyne @ Sterling Sound NYC.
Produced by: A-Dee
Engineering / Mix: Jaime Velez
Recorded in Los Angeles, California – TempleBase + Blackwood Studios

Special thanks to Kimberly Goodnight @ Media Playground PR! Thank you, we love you!

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I gotta lotta Girls
But you’re the one I want
I know theres other guys
But I’m the one you bout
We only got a short time let’s have fun together
이렇게 좋은 날엔 우리 둘이 너와나만
Girl you sweeter than a Ch-ch-cherry cola
body fine Cause you hit-hit-hit that yoga
Pick you up and have “a date at Iota!”
Girl you know “we in love with the boba”!

Hook – Jamie
Hey baby boy 네 손을 잡고
Call me your girl 내 맘을 열어
So crazy boy 좀더 다가와
Gotta lot to give ya x2
Ay baby boy 내 맘을 아니
I’ll give it up 그만 감출래
So crazy boy 이제 시작해
That I’ll be your girl

When I’m all alone
너의 손잡고
내 품에 안고
If u want me, we can be together

Girl girl
Give me all your love now
Boy boy
Tell me that you need me
Girl girl
Give me what i want now
아직 잘모르지만 네게 말할래
Babe i want you
내 맘 하나 받아줄 / 니가 있기에
All i want too
Theres no way i’m living it without you

I Hope We Think About Each-other even When we Away
Like hitting beaches in Jamaica and we making the waves
I know you’re busy but you keep me on your mind
I should stop looking now 너말곤 없어 정말
Someone like you, who maybe does it better
Damn we fit together we got matching shoes and sweater
I’ll pick you up on time in that candy pearl
Every day, Every way I got yo back girl

I thought my last girl was the best girl,
and you came girl, and better than the rest girl

I thought my last boy was the best boy,
and then you came boy, better than then rest boy

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[MV] Seo in guk(서인국) _ No matter what(겁도 없이) (Master`s sun(주군의 태양) OST Part 7)

[MV] Seo in guk(서인국) _ No matter what(겁도 없이) (Master`s sun(주군의 태양) OST Part 7)

[MV] Seo in guk(서인국) _ No matter what(겁도 없이) (Master`s sun(주군의 태양) OST Part 7)

The SBS drama special ‘Master’s Sun’ Part.7 title song sang by Seo in guk is released. The song is called “No matter what”, and it is the theme song for Kang woo.
“No matter what” has a sentimental side to it, which goes amazingly with the classical orchestra sound. Seo In Guk’s voice talks for Kang Woo himself, and it explodes sadness in his restrained voice.
The lyrics talks about the feelings he have for the girl, and how his love is ‘getting bigger no matter what’. This song will touch the hearts of the viewers.

:: iTunes DL : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/jugun-ui-taeyang-ost-part/id708815408

SBS 드라마 스페셜 ‘주군의 태양’ Part.7 타이틀곡으로 서인국이 직접 부른 강우의 테마곡 “겁도 없이”가 드라마 공개 전 발매되었다.
“겁도 없이”는 서정적인 멜로디와 클래시컬한 오케스트라가 가미된 편곡이 돋보이는 곡이다. 서인국의 보컬은 마치 극중에서의 강우가 화면 밖으로 살아나와서 부르는 것처럼 절제된 감정 속에서 슬픔을 폭발한다.

특히 이 곡의 가사는 애써 노력해봐도 결국 헤어나올 수 없는 그녀에 대한 감정을 ‘사랑은 겁도 없이 점점 커져만 간다’는 말로 표현해 드라마를 시청하는 우리들의 감정을 더욱더 아련하게 해줄 것으로 기대된다.

▶ LOENMUSIC FB : http://www.facebook.com/LOENMUSIC.official
▶ LOENMUSIC TW : https://twitter.com/LOEN_MUSIC



WordPress SEO – How to Make Your Site Rank Higher in Google – by @todmaffin

WordPress SEO – How to Make Your Site Rank Higher in Google – by @todmaffin

So you have a WordPress site. But are you at the top of Google? No? Here’s how you can be. No tricks, no sales. Just 100% tactics..

MORE YouTube: http://youtube.com/todmaffinvideo
Twitter: http://twitter.com/todmaffin
Facebook: http://facebook.com/tmaffin
Web: http://www.todmaffin.com
Email: tod@todmaffin.com

Các bước tự học SEO chi tiết nhất [ Hỏi đáp SEO]

Các bước tự học SEO chi tiết nhất [ Hỏi đáp SEO]

Danh sách website tự học :

Beginners Guide to SEO

http://highrankings.com/ chuyên về cấu trúc website
http://www.youtube.com/user/MozHQ video dạy SEO của SEOmoz.

Mình là fan cuồng của Moz

Moi câu hỏi xin gửi về daotaoSEOwebsite.net@gmail.com

[ Đào tạo SEO website .NET]

– Hiểu rõ tường tận gốc rễ của SEO và biết cách làm SEO một cách có học nhất. Không bao giờ bản cảm thấy nhàm chán với SEO vì bạn biết cách tự học nó, biết cách làm nó.

– Đọc hiểu tài liệu tiếng anh về SEO tự biết cách nâng cao trình độ về SEO và không ai có thể lừa bạn về SEO

– Tự làm SEO theo cách riêng của bạn , lên chiến lược kế hoạch SEO

Mà chúng tôi gọi khóa học SEO này là KHÓA ĐÀO TẠO SEO THẬT NHẤT

SEO-оптимизация сайта. Практический урок на примере живого сайта

SEO-оптимизация сайта. Практический урок на примере живого сайта

Практический урок по SEO-анализу сайта. Выявляем слабые места, обсуждаем стратегию SEO-оптимизации. Поговорим отдельно об оптимизации текстов и картинок, о правильном построении главной страницы и внутренних страниц сайта, о структуре меню, внешних ссылках, мета-тегах (тайтле, мета-описании и ключевых словах). Полезные советы по SEO-оптимизации вашего сайта на примере живого сайта.

ВАЖНО: бесплатный видеокурс по SEO-оптимизации WordPress http://maxtop.org/videokurs-po-seo-optimizacii-wordpress/

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seo оптимизация сайта,
продвижение сайтов,
seo оптимизация,
seo оптимизация wordpress,
wordpress seo,
seo для начинающих. .

JOIN QUIZGROUP PARTNER PROGRAM: http://join.quizgroup.com/ .

Understanding Keyword Research for SEO

Understanding Keyword Research for SEO


Take the QUIZ: https://codebabes.com/courses/seo-virgin/optimizing-page-seo

Let’s take things to the next level.

Google makes a bunch of tools to help you track and improve your SEO. One of the biggest parts of SEO is understanding keywords. Keywords are what millions of users type into Google search everyday. Of course, Google tracks all of this information, but is nice enough to aggregate it into a few useful tools. With SEO and keywords the idea is if you’re starting a site you want to incorporate keywords that aren’t competitive, but still get a lot of searches. When we say competitive, it just means a lot of sites are trying to get on the first page of google for that keyword search.

One way to research this is with Googles keyword planner. The tool comes with a free adwords account. Adwords is Google’s paid search advertising program, the stuff that shows up at the top and side bar of search results. What we’re looking for is the keyword planner. Lets open it up. You could spend days with this tool, but we’ll do a brief overview. Let’s start with, “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas”. These tools are built for use with adwords, but they also work for Organic keyword ideas.

In the first box we’ll type “Sexy Costumes”, for our sexy costume website and click ‘get ideas’. We want to look at the second tab, ‘keyword ideas’. On this page we’ll see other keywords related to “sexy costumes”, along with the monthly searches and competition. What we want to do is find some keywords that have a decent amount of searches with low competition. If you look at the average monthly searches you see it’s quite skewed toward halloween, duh.

Competition is how many people are bidding on a certain keyword, and a bid is how much they will pay for a person to click on their ad. This is for adwords, but it’s also a good gauge for organic search competition. If we search by competition we’ll see the usual suspects, sexy nurse, firefighter, zebra, but we’re looking for an outlier, something with a decent number of average searches but low competition. Dig a little deeper and sort by monthly searches and go through a few pages, and we find our outlier. Sexy ghost Costume, with an ok number of monthly searches and only low competition, plus a lower suggested bid, which also means less competition. That would be a great keyword to optimize a page for, not sure about the actual costume though, we’ll talk optimization in the next lesson.

Hmm, should I search my name? OK Cami Li, and I can see how many people are searching for me and what phrases they use. Uh ok, I guess people want boobs and tattoos, cmon guys I have a brain too!

There’s also a tool called Google Trends that lets you see search trends over time. Let’s add the sexy costumes term and we can see the graph, with the obvious halloween spikes, we can also sort by region and see related search queries in the bottom, the rising queries is also a good place to look for keyword ideas to put into your site. Next we’ll talk more about optimizing your content and I’ll optimize all this.

SEO оптимизация и основы продвижения сайтов

SEO оптимизация и основы продвижения сайтов

SEO оптимизация и основы продвижения сайтов http://youtu.be/Fvcmo-cANdI

SEO оптимизация и стратегии продвижения нового сайта http://youtu.be/4kYPXSawbUk

SEO оптимизация и стратегии гостевого блоггинга http://youtu.be/cFDMV4Xlx_g

Продвижение в социальных сетях социальный маркетинг http://youtu.be/VbgaG-ik61Y

Преимущества Google+ в продвижении сайтов http://youtu.be/M27ph74nmVQ

Раскрутка страницы в Facebook с помощью SEO http://youtu.be/HJ0yUy2XlL4

О смешивании вирусного и бизнес контентов http://youtu.be/WgFUXp6st54

Об алгоритме PageRank и его необходимости http://youtu.be/sclugC7KNAg

Рэнд Фишкин SEOmoz о правильных текстовых анкорах http://youtu.be/hhwmNDUUjb4

Узнать больше http://bigideamastermindru.info/bim3

Đào tạo SEO Online miễn phí, Khóa Học SEO Online uy tín

Đào tạo SEO Online miễn phí, Khóa Học SEO Online uy tín

Đào tạo SEO Online miễn phí, Học SEO Online






Nội dung hướng dẫn:
– SEO là gì?
– Các thành phần của công cụ tìm kiếm
– Phân biệt SEO, Adwords
– Quy trình SEO cơ bản
…… và nhiều kiến thức khác….!

Link đăng ký nhận hỗ trợ miễn phí: http://nguyenhuulam.gr8.com

Ths. Nguyễn Hữu Lam – CEO HPSOFT.VN
Tel: 0982.033.031 – 0934.277.782
Website: http://hpsoft.vn/



Search Engine Optimization. Em português é conhecido como Otimização de Sites, MOB e Otimização para Buscas. O SEO nada mais é do que a otimização de uma página (ou até do site inteiro) para ser melhor compreendido pelas ferramentas de busca. A conseqüência da utilização das técnicas de SEO é o melhor posicionamento de um site em uma página de resultados de uma busca. Por exemplo, ao pesquisar no Google por “Marketing de Busca”, o primeiro resultado é este site. O SEO é uma prática sem garantias, ou seja, nenhuma empresa ou pessoa pode garantir que seu site fique em primeiro em uma busca, pois o único capaz disto seria o próprio site de busca como o Google ou o Yahoo.

Leonardo Ferreira






#1 SEO Tutorials for Beginners | What is SEO?

#1 SEO Tutorials for Beginners | What is SEO?

http://www.4seotraining.com.au Learn the principles of SEO and help to promote your website within Google and the other Internet search engines. | SEO Training & Tutorials

– What is search engine optimization?
– Take SEO seriously, don’t dabble
– Anyone can do SEO!
– SEO and ROI (return on investment)
– What is possible, and what is not possible with SEO
– Onsite and offsite SEO
– Different search engines
– How search engines work
– Robots, spiders and crawlers
– Organic vs. Paid search results
– Many YouTube videos about SEO are wrong or out of date
– Google keeps changing — penguin and panda
– Over optimization hurts
– What is a web server?
– Index.htm – the home page
– PageRank
– Link juice
– Are you paying for past SEO mistakes?

© 2015 Cheltenham Group Pty. Ltd.

Other tutorials in this series include

#1 What is SEO?

#2 Keywords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

#3 Good Search Engine Optimization for promoting your website

#4 Bad Search Engine Optimization (Black Hat SEO)

#5 Social Media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

#6 Auditing your website for SEO

#7 WordPress & Search Engine Optimization


Quiero que mi web aparezca mejor en Google: fundamentos del SEO

Quiero que mi web aparezca mejor en Google: fundamentos del SEO

Clase de introducción al SEO que hemos titulado “Quiero que mi web aparezca mejor en Google”. http://escuela.it/cursos/congreso-seo-online-2014/ Explica conceptos fundamentales del SEO que son importantes para cualquier persona que quiera comenzar a optimizar su web para un mejor posicionamiento en buscadores. Esta es la primera clase que vamos a emitir que nos sirve como preludio al Curso de SEO, desde cero a profesional de EscuelaIT impartida de manera gratuita para la comunidad de DesarrolloWeb.com, a cargo de @JavierMrt
En ella se ven sobre todo conceptos y técnicas de lo que se llama SEO in page, osea, lo que podemos hacer por nuestra cuenta en una página web para que Google y otros buscadores entiendan mejor cómo es nuestro contenido y de qué estamos hablando.

SEO Tutorial for Beginners

SEO Tutorial for Beginners

SEO tutorial for beginners explains how to search engine optimize a web site for higher Google ranking results, created by http://www.rankya.com.au this video will teach you easy SEO search engine optimization techniques to use for your own website optimization.

This video lesson details step by step instructions for achieving better Google organic ranking results for any type of website. Also, the importance of adhering to on page search engine optimization elements and particularly focusing on web site structure and its importance in SEO.

This search engine optimization lesson for beginners thoroughly explains on page SEO elements such as HTML file names, web page Meta Data, image names and landing page copywriting and how to create content for users with clean and logical navigation structure on web pages for improving overall usability and website performance in SERP’s (search engine results page)

All web sites that want to market their websites on internet can learn tips and tricks by watching this video tutorial on SEO because search engine optimization industry is an important part of all online businesses. Learning to tap in to the market dominance of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing can increase your return on investment (ROI). To study about Google rankings and webmaster guidelines on search engine optimization visit:

As outlined in the video session, you can and should also create Google webmaster tools account because Google webmaster tool allows you to submit your website for Google to index your webpages and also, it has features such as HTML improvements.

XML sitemaps allow you to direct user agents like Googlebot to crawl and index your webpages, to learn more about xml sitemaps visit:

Conversion optimization is also part of any successful website that drives targeted web traffic, that is improving your conversion rates can be achieved by making incremental changes to your web page content and its message and conducting A B testing should be on your to do list. You can also watch this complimentary video that shows you what SEO is and how it really works by visiting this URL

This video session

is created by rankyaseoservices YouTube channel for all webmasters who are looking for creative, proven and tested methods for increasing their online visibility through utilizing the might of Google. You can find our entire How To video playlist by visiting our YouTube channel URL here:

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more useful and informative videos which are updated regularly, happy rankings

5 Dicas de SEO para 2015

5 Dicas de SEO para 2015

http://iniciativavirtual.com.br/dicas-de-seo-para-2015 | Dicas de SEO para 2015. Estratégias de SEO para você aplicar hoje em seu site/blog, podendo fazer toda a diferença em seu posicionamento nos buscadores.
————Muito Mais Informações————-

————Confira os últimos vídeos do canal————

Como Render R$ 1.507,35 em 7 Passos Simples – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xstVw-N1vQw

[Primeiro] Os 7 Pecados do Marketing Digital – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_KGraYzV0w

[Série] Os 7 Pecados do Marketing Digital – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1M9JHjoe-k

Expert Dominante X Fórmula Negócio Online – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYNK8Tr9ycY

A Máquina de Vendas Online – R$ 10.000,00 Por Semana? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFtOhlKEb4Y

Como Vim Parar Aqui! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ev00-hhQAQ0

Me Acompanhe e Tire Suas Dúvidas:

Blog: http://www.iniciativavirtual.com.br
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Iniciativa-Virtual/689110727884636?ref=hl
Email: karina@iniciativavirtual.com.br

Treinamentos Que Eu Mais Indico Para Começar No Marketing Digital:

1) Para atuar no Youtube: Youtube Marketing – http://iniciativavirtual.com.br/youtube-treinamento
2) Para atuar com Blog: Fórmula Negócio Online – http://iniciativavirtual.com.br/recomendo/formula-negocio-online
3) Para atuar com Listas de E-mail: A Máquina de Vendas Online – http://iniciativavirtual.com.br/recomendo/maquina-de-vendas-online

Học SEO khó hay dễ – Làm SEO khó hay dễ

Học SEO khó hay dễ – Làm SEO khó hay dễ

Trước khi học SEO và làm SEO cần chuẩn bị những gì? Những khó khăn khi làm SEO là gì? Tất cả các câu hỏi sẽ được giải đáp qua Vlog của chuyên gia tư vấn và đào tạo SEO Lê Nam – VietMoz

Xem thêm các video dạy học SEO tại http://tutorial.vietmoz.vn

VietMoz Academy: http://vietmoz.edu.vn
VietMoz Blog: http://vietmoz.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imthankyou
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Ctyvietmoz

—- Blog cá nhân của Lee Nam — http://lenam.info

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SEO là gì? SEO làm gì? SEO hay SPAM? Quảng cáo trên mạng hay là Spam diễn đàn? Hướng đi nào tốt nhất cho kinh doanh trên Internet?….

Xin gửi đến quý anh/chị DVD SEO: SEO LÀ GÌ? SEO LÀM GÌ?

DVD là tổng hợp cơ bản đến định hướng về SEO nói riêng và Internet Marketing nói chung. Hi vọng DVD sẽ giúp anh/chị có cái nhìn tổng quan ban đầu và chiến lược bán hàng trên Internet.

DVD được chia làm 4 phần:
1. SEO là gì? SEO làm gì?: Tổng quan và cơ bản SEO là gì và SEO phải làm gì.

2. SEO Onpage là gì? SEO Onpage làm gì?: Giới thiệu đầy đủ về tôi sưu website, tối ưu nội dung Onpage.

3. SEO Offpage là gì? SEO Offpage làm gì?: Liệt kê và phân tích chi tiết các cách phát triển liên kết website bền vững nhất.

4. Hỏi & Đáp SEO: Tổng hợp và trả lời các câu hỏi thường gặp nhất trên Cộng đồng SEO: thegioiseo.com, quangbaweb.edu.vn, igoo.vn

Chi tiết: http://igoo.vn/dvd-seo-seo-là-gì-seo-làm-gì-thân-tặng.html

[Like] để ủng hộ tinh thần chiến đấu
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Rất vui được làm quen, chia sẻ cùng anh/chi/em
[W] http://binhnguyenplus.com
[FB] http://fb.com/binhnguyenplus
[G+] https://plus.google.com/116602647998496576269

How Google SEO Works Video – 2015 Authority Content.

How Google SEO Works Video – 2015 Authority Content.


SEO and online marketing is changing and if you’re not updating your strategies it’s only a matter of time before one of Google’s updates get you. Watch David Jenyns (Melbourne SEO & Video) deliver his keynote at the Digital Marketing Summit and discover the 3 steps you must follow to win with Google.

Discover how Google SEO works and what it takes to apply modern SEO and authority content in 2015. And of course, if you’d like to know more and/or work with our talented team visit: http://www.melbourneseoservices.com/

SEO For Dummies: How To Rank In Google

SEO For Dummies: How To Rank In Google

So what is SEO and how can you use it to get your sites to rank in Google? Well in this video I’ll explain it all to you – in plain English.

I’ll show you the simple SEO tips and techniques that I use to get all of my niche sites to rank in the top spots of Google so that I can make constant sales through various affiliate programs.

This video is part of a ‘crash course’ for new affiliate marketers that I put together which you can find here:

Tire Trust Inc. Pensacola, FL (850) 438-6789 Tires Pensacola | Goodyear Tires Pensacola Fl

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SEO Houston Pros (832)230-4495 Houston SEO and Web Design Houston

SEO Houston Pros (832)230-4495 Houston SEO and Web Design Houston

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