GopherHaul 35 – Lawn Care Business Postcard Marketing Ideas and Search Engine Optimization Help.

GopherHaul 35 – Lawn Care Business Postcard Marketing Ideas and Search Engine Optimization Help. Lawn care business website search engine optimization tip.

Did you know you can appear on googles search engine even if you dont have a website? And if you have a lawn care website, here is a tip that you really need to take advantage of. The best part about all of this, is that its FREE. Its amazing what you can learn when you read the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

Google has a section on their search engine called the Local Business Center. Do a quick search on google to find it.

Within that section you can add your business to their list and what that will do is bring your business listing to the top of the search engine result page where the map appears.

One of our forum members had added his lawn care business to this FREE listing and here is what he said I just wanted to let you guys know im #3 on the first page of google and this is the third day after I filled out the information. Isnt that fantastic?

Another forum member tried this and wrote Hey everyone I just wanted to let everyone know that I logged onto the google local business center and put in all my info and it has been fantastic. I put in all the services I provide and almost everyone comes up first when you search for the service and my area.

I have only been on one week and received three calls for big jobs.

I think everyone should try it.

Now you might be wondering how do you add your information to this site? Here are some directions a forum member shared with us.

* Go to googles main page and click MAPS at the top.
* Next on the left hand side you will see put your business on Google maps. Click
* Then create a new account.
* Remember to put as many keywords as possible to promote yourself.
* It should do the same for you as it has done for me.]

Try this out and you should see your lawn care business start to appear at the top of search engines.

Walk the lawn before you bid or this might happen.

With the advent of google maps and other similar services, your lawn care business might feel more inclined now to pull up an overhead map of a new customers home to review their yard. Once you calculate the dimensions of the property, you may even feel compelled to give the new lawn care customer a price quote over the phone to mow their lawn, site unseen.

Here is a prime example of why you shouldnt do that.

Curtis shared with us a story on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum of how he ran into a problem giving a customer a lawn care bid without first walking the property. He wrote I just learned a valuable lesson – NEVER estimate a yard via your countys GIS system or Google Maps (getting measurements online).

I had a new lawn care customer call me who lives on a local school campus. She wanted just lawn mowing & trimming. I saw she lived on .32 acres – I told her .00 weekly. I got to her house with my brother in law and found the lawn to be WAY overgrown. The grass was up to my knees and I am 5′9″. The job took us an hour to knock it down. I should have charged her at least double!

She said that they moved in nine months ago and just now realized that they were required to mow their own lawn.

So remember, always visit the property and walk the lawn first before you give the lawn care customer an estimate for mowing or you may find yourself shocked as well.

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