3 Ways Social Signals Greatly Affect Search Engine Optimization

3 Ways Social Signals Greatly Affect Search Engine Optimization

http://www.melvinpritchett.net/articles/social-media-tips/signals-affect-seo-greatly – Every like, share, review and follow helps to build trust and authority around your website and brand. These actions let the search engines know that people are interacting with your site. So in turn, they reward you with a better position in the SERPs.


Each click – whether that accounts for a like, share, or recommended view – reflect on search engine optimization. In other words, social media activity converts into SEO power. All of these shares, re-tweets, views, votes, and pins are social signals. Business owners need to pay attention to these.

Below, I have compiled three ways social signals significantly affect search engine optimization.

Building Links From Social Networks

Building social backlinks from your social networks is a win for your search engine optimization strategy. They are not as powerful as traditional forms of backlinks; social backlinks carry their inherent authority from their source, trusted social media networks. These sites can drastically improve your online presence and traffic.

All social platforms function differently from one another. For each account you have, make it a goal to optimize it completely. Add your link back to your website, provide images with relevant keywords in the filename, and include a link in the description. I caution you, Do not keyword stuff your social profiles.

Tapping Into the Social Conversations

A few years ago, Twitter was all the rage in SEO listings due to Google’s firehose access. This allowed the major search engine to pick up relevant keywords and tweets, promoting them to significant positions in the SERPs. The result was a good ten times the traffic of other businesses which didn’t play the social game as well. Hashtag placement was the trick. However, a few years ago, all of that came to a sudden and painful halt when the tech giants’ relationship ended without a decent explanation.

That does not mean you should only focus on Twitter or let all of your other social media platforms turn into dust. Just the opposite, in fact. All trusted social media networks make an enormous impact in the SERP’s. This is especially beneficial for businesses who follow protocol and maintain momentum by consistently posting content, keeping their links updated and have relevant content. Diving into existing conversations also reflects positively on your SEO presence as it is all tied together. So be sure to tap into those social conversations.

Social Signals Positively Affects Domain Authority

There is no firm scientific evidence that social signals lead to increased domain authority but there’s also no proof that it doesn’t. I believe that social signals do have some influence on a website’s domain authority. Referring to what I said earlier, as more traffic flows to your site from these major social networks; it makes your site and brand more credible and relevant in Google’s eyes.

The more traffic directed to your website via trusted social media sites can have a positive effect on your SEO strategy. If your keywords are not relevant, and your social postings are not frequent, then traffic will be minimal at best. Moreover, the traffic that visits your site likely won’t convert well for your business needs.




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