Instagram Marketing Strategy | How To Make Sales


Instagram Marketing Strategy | How To Make Sales


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Instagram Marketing Strategy

If you are looking for Instagram Marketing Strategy you should definitely watch this video. This is by far the best information on Instagram Marketing Strategy available online today.

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Belajar Instagram Marketing dari Havehad, Premium Sneakers Indonesia

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Instagram Marketing For Artists

Instagram Marketing For Artists

Are you an artist struggling at how to make money on Instagram?
Well, today's your lucky day.
I'm Sue B. Zimmerman, and I'm here
with one of my favorite Instagram artists, Mattea.

There's three things I want to share with you today,
so that all of you can do the same.
Because Mattea has increased her business–
she's doubled her business– in less than nine months.
So you shared with me one simple thing you did to your bio.
What was that?
I changed my profile picture.
Before I had it on my personal, with my dog.
Now I have my art– an illustration, one of mine.
So before it was just a picture of her holding her dog,
and now it's an illustration that she created.
So that every time she comments on other people's accounts,
people will see that amazing illustration,
and they'll be curious.
They'll be connected to it emotionally,
and they'll want to click in, go over to your account
and, most likely, start following you.
So you're attracting your ideal follower.
The second thing you share with me is your posting strategy.
Now you do several things to set yourself up
for success with your posting strategy.
Why don't you share a few of those things?
I changed.
Before, I had a lot of personal pictures.
Now I get more work, because it's all about my brand.
Not so much about me.
So I post my work, my illustrations,
my creative process, I saw a movie
on how I handle– drawing.
How you do the video– you show the process.
And also, you staged– you put your art on walls–
to let people know what it will look like,
once it's actually hung on a wall.
So you do a lot of step-by-step-process and show
people the work behind each illustration.
You occasionally post pictures of yourself, right?
Because it's very important.
To humanize the brand.
And you show the tools that you use.
You show your watercolors and your brushes, right?
So you have a variety of different types of posts,
And you also have very high standards
at the quality of your photos.
So why don't you share what you do to get
your photos such great quality?
I always use my camera.
I use white paper, and always do it
when it's day– the daylight.
Natural light.
This is very important for me.
I don't have a studio, but I have
natural light and white paper, which reflects, and gives you
a great–
Well, you are going to have a studio
soon, because you're doing so well.
So she uses natural light outside.
She takes white paper, or you can use a foam board.
She puts it near the window if she can't get outside.
And she has amazing photos.
So you should definitely go in.
We're going to link it all up in the show notes
below, so that you can check out her account to see all of that.
And lastly, the third thing you did, was you
discovered your best hashtags.
So you told me that you used to use some hashtags that
attracted people that were, like, follow for follow,
shout out for shout out, and kind of spammy Instagrammers.
And you didn't like that.
And you spent a lot of time, months–
–figuring out which ones work best.
So why don't you share with all the other artists
some of the ones, as a watercolor Illustrator, that
are working well for you?
Water colors, illustrations, art prints,
kids' decor, [INAUDIBLE], my brand.
I'm using #instagolive, don't forget.
So you just discovered #mybeautifulmess, right?
So #mybeautifulmess, because if you're an artist
it's a beautiful mess.
So that's a great hashtag.
So when you go in, and you check her out,
you can check out those hashtags that she's
using that are working well for her, where she's
attracting her ideal follower, who has turned into a paying
So again, bio– great avatar, posting strategy
with very high quality photos, and a hashtag strategy.
So because I like to over-deliver,
is there one more thing that we can tell all the listeners
that you're doing that's really helping you grow your business?
It's so important to be engaged.
I watch different accounts, I comment,
I'm honest with my comments.

So when you say engagement, because
in being honest and being authentic,
it means she's really taking the time
to leave a comment that matches up to what
the photo or the post is.
And the more you engage in other people's posts,
the more they'll come back and engage on your posts.
And this is something that you've
discovered that's worked very well for you.
All right.
So if you're an artist, and you like this video,
and you learned a thing or two, please subscribe.
Or if you have a question, I love answering them.
So leave them in the comments below.
I am the #Instagal, and we are here from Miami– sunny Miami,
with the palm trees– having a great time,
teaching all the artists out there
how to use Instagram to make more money.

How to use Instagram for beginners in marketing and business 2016

How to use Instagram for beginners in marketing and business 2016

Are you brand new to Instagram and want to learn the basics? In this video we walk you step by step through the process of installing Instagram on your mobile device and explain every function through profile set up so you get the most from your Instagram experience.

While this video was created to cater primarily to people who want to use Instagram for business and marketing, anyone interested interested in learning the bare bone basics of Instagram will benefit from this video.

Every function through profile set up is covered including how to add friends from Facebook, how to add contacts and more.

We do our best to explain the whole set up in step by step detail.

This is video 1 of a 2 part series.

To learn more about how to use Instagram for business visit
Aces High – Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (Source: Artist:

Instagram marketing

Instagram marketing

Reasons why I love Instagram:
-It is mobile based and is also available on the computer at
-ITS FREE! You aren’t paying to post or advertise!

24 Instagram Marketing Tips

1. You can create separate Instagram accounts for personal and Younique business related content.

2. Use your own picture for your profile.

3. Make a username that people will remember.

4. Write a brief, but detailed bio for your profile.

5. Add a online party link/domain name in your clickable bio website link.

6. Your posts should SHOW YOUR PERSONALITY!

7. Post your own original photos!

8. Post/Repost Younique’s photos.

9. Post/Repost Customer’s photos.

10. Keep your profile Public.

11. Post a picture everyday! Consistency is key!

12. Use #hashtags in every post. They are your BESTFRIEND!

13. Connect Instagram to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr.

14. Pros and cons to watermarking.

15. Follow at least 50 people a day.

16. Follow people to get followers.

17. Follow people in your targeted audience.

18. Use Instagram Direct to send private messages to certain people.

19. Respond to comments.

20. Describe your pictures that you post.

21. Post short videos. Everyone loves short, catchy videos.

22. Pay attention to analytics.

23. Follow the top Instagram Makeup and Younique presenter posts.

24. Follow your Facebook and other connections who have an Instagram.

For more details about each of these tips visit

My Evergreen Instagram Marketing Strategy For ANY Business Online

My Evergreen Instagram Marketing Strategy For ANY Business Online

Access My Successful Online Business Blueprint:

There are Instagram marketing strategies that will be here today and gone tomorrow. On the other hand, if you’re willing to play the long game and stop searching for the next quick fix ‘Instagram hack’ then you can build a brand that will attract quality people.

In this video, I show you the start of a Instagram account that i plan on growing to 100,000 followers over the next 12 months. I’m going to record and track my progress every step of the way in hopes that it gives you value.

Feel free to get ideas and reverse engineer my process in your business. I’ve played the short game to many years and constantly got burned by putting all my eggs in one basket and implementing shortcut tactics.

If there is any lesson you get from this Instagram marketing strategy it’s “Keep it simple and put in the work.”



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My Evergreen Instagram Marketing Strategy For ANY Business Online

3 Marketing Lessons From Successful Brands on Instagram

3 Marketing Lessons From Successful Brands on Instagram

If you are an Insta smarty, you should
be paying attention to what other marketers are
doing on Instagram.
I'm Sue B. Zimmerman, and today I'm
going to share with you three marketing lessons from three
of my favorite businesses on Instagram.

Sometimes looking at brands outside your own industry
can really give you the best ideas
to inspire newness in your own business.
Let's take a look at three accounts
and extract marketing lessons from each one.
The first one that I want to show you is Adobe.
Let your customer be your best marketing asset.
Now Adobe does such a great job at gathering
user-generated content.
So instead of trying to create their own images to share,
they're proving how powerful their tool
is by showing off how their customers are using it.
And they get so much UGC, which is awesome
because their feed is such a creative feed to go check out.
I absolutely love this image.
The second account that I want to bring to your attention
is San Diego Zoo.
Now the San Diego Zoo does a great job
at really trying to get their audience
to engage in their accounts before they ask for any content
So this is a great example of giving before you get.
A couple months ago the San Diego Zoo
was actually running a photo contest
and they got their audience to engage in doing the contest.
And now they are using a playful quiz.
So there's a lot of creative ways
that you can literally bring your followers, your community,
your audience into your account before you ask for something.
And the San Diego Zoo, I mean how awesome is this account?
Every single animal that you look at is just adorable
and the videos are amazing.
So go check out the San Diego Zoo
and get some great inspiration from them.
And the third account I want to bring to your attention
is called Something Social.
This is an account based out of L. A.
And this is where design can really make the difference.
In a crowded social world, design
can make you stand out from everyone else.
And you can tell that they have a specific style that's
very clean, very hip, very modern,
just by scrolling through their feed.
And you can also tell that they know a lot about design
by looking at some of their clients.
And one of my favorite Instagram accounts
which happens to be one of their clients, is called Tart Yogurt.
Check out the discipline on this feed.
I go here frequently to get inspiration.
So they do a great job at alternating colors
of the rainbow using product shots in them
so that the yogurt is often in these very stylized photos,
but they're moving from one color pattern to another.
And it's not all about selling and pushing the product,
but it's also about the design and the creativity,
and, like I said, the discipline.
So I hope that these accounts inspire you,
and I want you to understand that these lessons don't just
apply on Instagram.
You can literally use these takeaways
across your entire marketing effort.
And I really encourage you to always
be observing what other brands are doing well
to get inspiration.
So instead of just looking at what other people are doing,
take the time to see if you can deduce
what their strategies are and think about how you might
be able to go into their account and get
some awesome creative ideas for your business.
Want more Instagram marketing info?
You can instantly download my free Instagram Strategy Guide.
It's in the description right here below.
And as always, I want you to have
a hashtag #InstaAwesomeDay.