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3 Awesome SEO Tactics For 2014

3 Awesome SEO Tactics For 2014 Running a successful SEO campaign takes a lot of hard work. As 2014 is drawing near, there is one thing that has been the same since 2003, SEO has really not changed all that much. Quality beats quantity every time. So if you’re not focusing on quality maybe you should start. While, I’m not going to argue the fact that a lot of inexperienced SEO’s used a lot of dodgy link building tactics in the past. Google has combatted these blackhat tactics over the years (Penguin & Panda) are a prime example of this. But, if you’re wondering what works now and what you should focus your efforts on in 2014 this article will be beneficial to you.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the best tactics you can use. I refer to as magic ferry dust. A lot of people will go about it the wrong way though. For instance, I have talked with a number of SEO’s that focus on getting dozens and dozens of guest post on low value websites. I like to focus on getting highly authoritative guest post on authority sites that are very relevant to my niche. Therefore, a number of authority guest post can be much more beneficial than hundreds of low value guest posts.

Why is authority guest posting the way to go? Because, the link juice that they pass are significantly higher than dozens of low value ones. Not to mention, that if you focus on quality ones it will help build natural backlinks to your site.

I should also note that you want to take advantage of Google Authorship for these guest post. This will build a strong backlink to your Google profile which passes a lot of link juice. There are a number of great plugins for WordPress that you can install and configure in under 5 minutes, so their is no excuse for not using it. With all the amounts of spammy sites on the net now, just having that picture next to your website on Google really goes a long way.


I absolutely love this tactic. It’s great for link bait and webmasters jump on awesome infographics which can really build a lot of natural links to your website. If you create a well thought out infographic and post it on 3-4 authority sites this will help your SEO drastically. For instance, let’s say I did a infographic on lizards. All the fun facts about lizards I could think of. I then contacted a number of sites to display my infographic on. They published it and before you know it thousands of sites are linking to their page which links back to me. The amount of link juice it passes is significant.

Make sure your infographics are well thought out. This means if it’s not something you would absolutely love to display on your site than maybe you should reconsider making your infographic better.

The hardest part to creating a infographic is actually contacting webmasters that will agree to put your infographic up. You might spend 3-4 days developing an awesome infographic, but could end up spending 1-2 weeks contacting various authority websites.

Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Website | Ebook

Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Website | Ebook

Get your free audio book:
Written for beginners, author Jon Rognerud offers every tip, trick, and secret from keyword research and competitive analysis, to marketing and messaging, content development, link building, and conversions and tracking of search engine positions. Local search, social media, and blogging are new to this edition, and show examples on how to optimize these important new development areas. Updated content includes social media search content that reflects strategies and market information to helps business owners easily add this companion to Seo work, blog optimization steps with best Seo tactics for creating search engine friendly sites, and the top ten hottest WordPress plugins for top traffic boost. A local Seo section shows readers how to avoid the most common mistakes on optimizaing for local search and the updated section on Google analytics shows how to track top keywords and pages. An updated link building section provides new white hat Seo link building tactics to provide better long term rankings and traffic building, and an expanded resource section includes updated screen-shots of Seo applied. Step-by-step examples are written with an at the kitchen table type dialogue for accessibility and an advanced strategy section takes readers to the next level.

5 Most Important SEO Ranking Factors in 2017

5 Most Important SEO Ranking Factors in 2017

In this video I have listed down the top 5 most important SEO ranking factors in 2017. Google is constantly changing its ranking algorithm, digital marketers need to stay updated in order rank their websites on the first page of Google.

Google Quality Guidelines –
Moz Open Site Explorer –

How to Increase Revenue Using SEO

How to Increase Revenue Using SEO

Watch the full video here:

In our experience, SEO is something that B2B companies take for granted or, even worse, they don’t pay attention to at all. They sit and hope that Google will find them relevant for keywords, and out of the goodness of their heart rank them in top positions and send loads of traffic. While this seems obviously naïve, it turns out that when prioritized and understood, SEO can drive not just traffic, but revenue.

A common problem we find is that many B2B companies simply don’t know how to track organic traffic to ROI. And because of the tracking difficulties, it might as well not even exist. If this sounds familiar, then this web clinic is for you!

Watch our Web Clinic to set yourself up for SEO ROI success!

During this Web Clinic, our Head of Business Development Mike Turner covers:

Our top SEO tactics that generates ROI.
Don’t miss our analysis of member submitted websites!

Spiders, Bots, and Crawlers

Spiders, Bots, and Crawlers

In this free lesson from video2brain’s course, Learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A Video Introduction, Matt Bailey explains what spiders (or crawlers, or bots) are and how they are the means through which search engines download the content that is on your website’s pages. As this lesson demonstrates, by understanding how they work, you can ensure that the search engines “see” your website and add it to their rankings. For more information on this course, please visit

What is SEO Search Engine Optimization and how does it work?

What is SEO Search Engine Optimization and how does it work?

What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization? and how its work?
Want to learn how to drive more traffic to your website? Learn about the basics of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, and how it can take your website to the next level!
Search engines have two major functions: crawling and building an index, and providing search users with a ranked list of the websites they’ve determined are the most relevant.

How SEO Works…
Although the Search Engines are continuously refining how they rank web pages, there remain two key elements that are the foundation for successful Page 1 result…

Onsite – your content and website infrastructure
targeting the best keyword clusters
matching existing content to target specific keyword clusters
creating new content to target specific keyword clusters
having the best website infrastructure and architecture
Offsite – how your website is referred to from other online sources
developing a profile of high quality, on-theme incoming links
having a relevant and active social media presence
creating citations (non-linking references) about you
at least half of your SEO outcomes are influenced by elements outside your direct control
…and everything else is about strategy, techniques, tactics and finesse – the Search Engines look at over 200 “signals” when evaluating web pages, and every year they add over 400 refinements – so a key part of our job is keeping your website at the leading edge…because we do really know how SEO works!

Keyword Research
Every day 25% of the search terms the Search Engines see, they have never seen before. So, we focus on creating what we call “keyword clusters” – groups of keyword phrases focused around high volume “core” keyword phrases. For example, a core keyword phrase might be “accommodation” and that cluster may include “accommodation New York”, “luxury accommodation” and “boutique accommodation”. Using the latest SEO tools and software, it is our job to find you the optimum balance in your keyword phrase list to be targeted, that delivers the best ROI (Return On Investment).

Matching – Existing and New Content
Our approach to Onsite SEO is to try to match one keyword phrase from each keyword cluster to a single page on your website. Typically your home page will be focused on your “gun” keyword phrase and your main navigation pages will target your next most important keyword phrases and so on through your web page hierarchy. Often your website won’t already have web pages to target some of the important keyword phrases you will want to target; in these case we work with you to create new pages to reach these terms.

Offsite Link Profile
In the simplest of terms, a Search Engine sees a link from another website to your website as being like a vote of confidence in your web site. Search Engines believe that if other websites are linking to your web pages, you must have something good to link to and a Search Engine will rate your page that is being linked to more positively.

Today Search Engines take into consideration many additional factors other than just the sheer number of links when evaluating your offsite link profile:

the Reputation or Trust value of sites linking to your web site
the Theme or Relevance of sites linking to you
the “Anchor Text” (the words that the link is embedded behind) in links to your site
Offsite Social Profile
More and more, the Search Engines are starting to consider social media references as important signals about your website and your company in general. It’s not just about having a Facebook page, a Twitter account or a Google Plus page, but also how active you are and in what manner your social media associates refer to you, your company and your website content.

SEO Tutorial In Bangla (Lesson-1) | Search Engine Optimization Overview

SEO Tutorial In Bangla (Lesson-1) | Search Engine Optimization Overview

SEO Tutorial In Bangla (Lesson-1) | Search Engine Optimization Overview ……
Don’t know what search engine optimization is? Know someone who needs easy to understand overview of SEO?

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{videocomment} Hat SEO Tactics-Reach High website positioning internet website Hat SEO Tactics-Reach High website positioning internet website Hat SEO Tactics-Reach High website positioning internet website marketing bulkping video The Darkside of DotComSecrets is Russel Brunson’s latest micro continuity program. This training program for online marketers deals with Black Hat SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, tactics. These Black Hat tactics are carried out so they will not compromise your ethics in business and will allow for the mixing in of White hat techniques as well. You can learn more about the Dark Side of DotComSecrets at size titled ping Russell_Brunson, SEO, Search_Engine_Optimizatio, Black_Hat_SEO, white_hat_SEO, micro_continuity, business_ethics

search engine optimization hindi tutorial basic full detailed 2017

search engine optimization hindi tutorial basic full detailed 2017

1.Meta Tag Optimization

Title, description and keywords are the most important element of ON page optimization. I hope most of you know about character limits of meta tags. For title, the character limit is 65-70. For description, character limit is 150-155. Try to mention your focus keyword in title, description and body of long content page.

2.Long Content

Content is king in search engine optimization. Competition in Google SEO has now increased. Considering the 200 factors of Google ranking, long content of more than 700 words. Write a unique and researched content with data. Try to cross the 1000 word post barrier.

3.Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly is a ranking factor of Google search. After roll out of mobile friendly update in 2016. Google gives more traffic to complete mobile friendly pages. Test your landing pages on a Google mobile friendly test. Make sure your landing page is mobile friendly.

4. AMP

Accelerated mobile pages are the trending SEO tactics of 2016-2017. You need to create accelerated mobile pages. If you are a WordPress CMS user then use AMP plugin. You can check the error on your accelerated mobile pages via Google webmaster. Ebay is the first eCommerce site to create accelerated mobile pages.

5.Page Speed

Page speed is most crucial for organic traffic and more conversions on the landing page. According to a research, most of the online buyers close the landing page after 5 seconds. You need to create faster pages to get more sales, leads and traffic. You can check the landing page speed on GTmetrix, Pingdom.

6.Local Keywords

One of the biggest mistakes in SEO is choosing the wrong keywords. Choosing the right keywords is necessary. I have learnt after analyzing 300 web pages. Keywords with low difficulty score is a good keyword for page. Use local keywords in the title and description of landing page. When you use local keywords, your competition decrease. Local keywords give you more targeted traffic.

7.Image Optimization

Most of you ignore images optimization. I am not only talking about the title and description of the image. I am talking about size, space, ALT text and ALT attributes. You should try to use focus keywords in image optimization.

8.Video Optimization

In year 2017, video marketing is going to boom. Be ready with engaging videos on your landing page. You can use YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo widgets for applying it on your landing pages. Title, description and tags are a most important element in video optimization. Write detailed description of the video and don’t forget use focus keyword in title, description and tags.

OFF Page Advanced SEO Tactics

9.Guest Posting

Most of you forget this tactic, but guest posting is the best way to earn quality and safe links. Send guest posting mail to webmasters. Don’t spam and try to deal with one webmaster at once. Follow the guidelines of their guest posting and post accordingly.

10.Social Bookmarking

This is the evergreen tactics to earn links and traffic. Social bookmarking is a quick and easy way to earn links. Use these safe and evergreen social bookmarking sites.

11.Broken Link Building

This is a night dream technique. Most of us try to achieve broken link backs but fails. This is one of the most toughest Google SEO tactic. I know the road map to achieve broken link back. Analyze some high DA PA websites, landing pages using the tools like CheckMyLinks. If you found any broken link, immediately write a content on that in the text. Mail the webmaster about broken links and offer your content to him for the link back

Free Video Marketing Course Promo

Free Video Marketing Course Promo

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This FREE Video Marketing Course You Will Learn Simple Video Tactics and Strategies on How to Increase Your Online Presence with Video.

Video Marketing Tips, Tricks & Strategies

1. KeyWord Research
2. Timing & Trends
3. Video SEO Optimization
4. Video Engagement: More Views, Likes & Shares
5. How To Create Engaging Content
6. Be Unique
7. Go Deeper with YouTube Advertising

Search Engine Results Page Optimization: Converting Rankings Into Clicks

Search Engine Results Page Optimization: Converting Rankings Into Clicks

Search Engine Optimization is not just about rankings. Once you get rankings, you must optimize the conversion of those rankings to clicks (and ultimately, to reader action). We call this Search Engine Results Page Optimization. In this episode, we talk about the three components of a search engine results page listing and how to optimize each element to convert.

We also talk about the impact of readability on search engine rankings and handle some listener feedback.

Should you use trackback links as a part of your SEO strategy?

Should you use trackback links as a part of your SEO strategy?

One of the ways people try to build links to their website is with trackbacks. It can be used in a white hat SEO strategy, but it has been abused in black hat SEO tactics for a number of years.

Trackbacks alert webmasters if their site has been linked on another website. By approving the trackback, you will be providing a link from your site to the original source. This is what most black hat SEOs want to achieve from this tactic.

In your case, it is fine to approve trackback links if you feel that it will add value to website. It is also ok to link out to sites to cite them. They may reciprocate the link as well.

SEO for Bloggers: How to Nail the Optimization Process for Your Posts – Whiteboard Friday

SEO for Bloggers: How to Nail the Optimization Process for Your Posts – Whiteboard Friday

Success isn’t an overnight phenomenon when it comes to SEO, but with the right process and a dose of patience, it’s always within reach — even if you’re running your own blog. Optimizing your blog posts begins as early as the inception of your idea, and from then on you’ll want to consider your keyword targeting, on-page factors, your intended audience, and more. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand spells out a step-by-step process you can adopt to help increase search traffic to your blog over time.

Internet Marketing and SEO in Nashville

Internet Marketing and SEO in Nashville

The best Internet Marketing and SEO, Search Engine Optimization Agency in Nashville TN is

In this video we ask the question, what is internet marketing and what is the best kind, also, we go over which is the best SEO and digital marketing agency in Nashville.

It’s a rather difficult and complex topic and one that has many answers, some obvious and some not so obvious.

The truth is, there is not a single type of internet marketing that works better than any other, what is needed is a purposeful attempt at using SEO, social media marketing and several other tactics to make the most of the internet marketing space.

One must use SEO, Search Engine Optimization and use key words masterfully to increase exposure to search engines, thus increasing exposure on the web for its respective business. Doing this will keep the business top of mind and top of rank whenever someone searches for the products or services that the business owner has.

One must use social media as a marketing tool and not just a place to see cool cat memes! Using social media as a marketing tool will increase business engagement with customers and also increase the knowledge base and increase likely hood of new customers.

To learn more, please comment below or connect with us at:


Google Sandbox Checker and Google Penalty Recovery !! search engine optimization strategies

Google Sandbox Checker and Google Penalty Recovery !! search engine optimization strategies

here are search engine optimization strategies or Google Sandbox Checker and Google Penalty Recovery

Google Sandbox Checker: Get SEO Recovery: Fully Updated for 2017.

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search engine optimization strategies helps you to rank your videos on the first page

Using Social Media as Your Primary Link Building Tactic Probably Won’t Work – Whiteboard Friday

Using Social Media as Your Primary Link Building Tactic Probably Won’t Work – Whiteboard Friday

A concept we’ve covered regularly is what we call flywheel marketing, where the organic traffic, shares, and links you get from publishing one piece of content makes it easier for later pieces to see some success. One of the key pieces of that flywheel is the ability to get those social shares, and based on a recent study, we’re ready to admit it: We were completely wrong about that key piece.

In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand explains why, and that the real value may lie in engagement.

SEO specialist that improve Google Rankings using smart SEO tactics

SEO specialist that improve Google Rankings using smart SEO tactics Arizona based SEO company that improves Google rankings using white hat SEO tactics. Understanding that there is more than one way too the first page of Google is key. There is no one uniformed method too success.

SEO & SEM Explainer Video – Seattle SEO

SEO & SEM Explainer Video – Seattle SEO

We produce engaging, focused, flexible, targeted search engine marketing campaigns that drive more people to your site, increase sales and grow your audience.

Learn more:

SEO encompasses many facets of marketing, online and offline. It encompasses the nitty gritty details of website design, META tags, headings, page speed, backlinks, etc. It includes social media posting and customer engagement, Pay-Per-Click campaigns, and other common marketing tactics such as networking and word of mouth.

Provide us with a brief description of your project and your goals for your new website. We’ll work closely with you to create a deployment strategy that fits your needs and ensures everything runs smoothly.

Our design team strives for 100% satisfaction; we will help you find the best way to present your products or information to your visitors as well as stand out from the competition. All our web designs are fully responsive and work perfectly on all mobile devices at no extra cost.

After the design has been agreed upon, Tech Design Studios can now build the website and its functionality. Our websites meet the strictest of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards to ensure your content is available to the widest possible audience.

We use proven strategies in SEO, PPC, content, social media and more to drive leads to your website. Work closely with our internet marketing experts to explore every opportunity to improve your website’s ROI.

We offer custom marketing packages for any size business. You may mix and match services based on your business needs. Please be aware that each package represents the amount of time spent on a variety of services. We will build a customized package for your business. If you have questions about any of these packages, please contact us or request a free consultation.

Simple Pricing
We like to make it simple for you to choose how much of our time you would like us to invest in your business. If you want to take on larger competition then you’ll need more of our time. We love seeing our clients regularly outperform larger firms.

SEO Vancouver BC – Search Engine Optimization Agency

SEO Vancouver BC – Search Engine Optimization Agency Vancouver SEO is a combination of science and art. When you get it right you are able to dominate your competition and secure a dependable spot in search. Compared to pay per click advertising search engine optimization gives a much higher rate of return on the investment, with diminishing overhead the longer it lasts.

Virtual Anchor SEO
246 5th street west
North Vancouver BC
V7M 1K1

Vancouver SEO Service Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies for 2017!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies for 2017!

SEO Strategy 2017 – The Complete Guide (Part 1)
Part 1: On Page SEO Strategy 2017
On page Seo refers to all those activity which are done within the boundaries of your website. Improving the overall looking the website, adding the good content on you website, it also Includes the techniques internal linking (Navigation Bar, read more), reducing the bounce rate of website, increasing the stick rate of your webpage’s.
About Digon:
Digon is the best Digital Marketing Agency in India. We are SEO expert who provide Digital Marketing and SEO Services in India.Call-78796-79328
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Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )
Social Media Marketing ( SMM )
Search Engine Marketing ( SEM )
Email Marketing
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How to Increase Sales with Product Based SEO

How to Increase Sales with Product Based SEO

How to Increase Sales with Product Based SEO

How Shopify Sellers Are Increasing Sales:

Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Marketing:

Make Life Easier:

Did you know you can use SEO tactics to increase your product sales? Well, a lot of retailers don’t. They fail to recognize the power of product descriptions when it comes to uploading their inventory, especially when they upload their products in bulk. Writing standard descriptions for your products is easy. It’s comfortable. But it’s not powerful. You need to write impactful descriptions that increase traffic, encourage browsers and turn them into buyers.

Unique pages rank highly in search engines, so it’s best to make sure your product descriptions have unique, relevant content. Don’t just copy and paste the product description from the manufacturer. Create your own unique product descriptions and encourage customers to post their reviews to boost your uniqueness.

You’re probably sick of hearing the term “keywords” when it comes to SEO, but using them within your product descriptions is a powerful way of increasing traffic and sales.

First you need to identify those keywords. Use Google Keyword Tool to find the most popular search terms related to your items. Take those words and scatter them throughout your product descriptions – but make sure they are used in the right context. You can’t just have random words splattered around or you’ll run the risk of looking like a scammer. And you don’t want that.

If you’re using Amazon, or have an Amazon integration, you can try Keyword Tool Dominator to identify long tail keywords.

If you’re struggling to think of keywords to use, just think about what questions people searching for your products will ask.

How big is it?

What colour is it?

How can you use it?

What are the key features and details?

Why is it better than competitors products?

How much is it?

Don’t leave them with questions unanswered, or potential buyers are likely to look elsewhere. To retailers who take the time to address all their questions.

As mentioned earlier, product reviews help make your pages more unique, and thus boost your search engine ranking. But they’re also great for engaging with your customers and offering more information and reassuring potential customers that your products are good quality.

Reviews are valuable endorsements that give potential customers the confidence that a seller is legitimate and that the product they’re looking at will meet their expectations.

Read More:

Seattle Online Marketing – Ready to grow your businesses online?

Seattle Online Marketing – Ready to grow your businesses online?

We help Seattle businesses grow by creating high-quality websites and effective internet marketing strategies. Let us help you find the right combination of web, search and social to get the best ROI from your online marketing budget.

Learn more:

Let us help you find the right combination of web, search, social, video and content to get the best results from your online marketing efforts.

About 90% of online traffic is generated through search engines. Our SEO tactics will help increase your leads, sales and profits by the finding the highest ranking keyword phrases that drive qualified customers to your site.

Start for as little as 0
We have one hourly rate of 0. It is the same whether we are designing you a new website, running an SEO campaign or creating attention grabbing online videos and brand identities. SEO services start at 5 hours per month.

Ready to Rank Higher, and Get More Traffic? We’d Love to Help.

What you Need to Know in Real Estate SEO in 2016

What you Need to Know in Real Estate SEO in 2016 – Lori Ballen shares her online marketing tips that have lead her to build and even sell several successful businesses through internet lead generation and team systems.

Search Engine Optimization is certainly not something you can set and forget. It changes continuously and only those who stay on their toes can truly dominate their market. Today, content is king and value is queen. Gone are the days of ranking low quality content with high keyword density pages. Today, it takes focus, quality, authority, and trust. You must be the expert on your topic.

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is arguably the most asked-for service and the most intriguing to Small Business owners because everyone knows that most people these days use a search engine to find what they want to buy. Some feel that SEO is optimizing search engines to rank your site higher, but it’s not.

SEO is optimizing your website for optimal rankings in search engines. SEO is also the number of other well-respected websites linking back and referring to your website. Search engines use a complicated algorithm to return the most relevant search results, and knowing how to optimize your site for these rankings is what SEO is really about.

To read the coinciding article we wrote on Search Engine Optimization 101, please see this video’s accompanying post here: http://circlemarketing/circle-blog

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SEO Company in Vancouver – Marwick Marketing – Google Partner Agency

SEO Company in Vancouver – Marwick Marketing – Google Partner Agency

If you’re looking for a SEO company in Vancouver then picking the right one can be tough. Marwick Marketing is a Google Partner agency serving clients in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, Coquitlam and Burnaby. All our SEO services are done in-house so you can be assured that the latest SEO tactics are being used to boost your website. View or call 604 614 0174

Video Optimization | Video Marketing

Video Optimization | Video Marketing

Quickly And Easily Find The Exact Keywords
That YouTubers Are Searching PLUS
Uncover Your Competitor’s SEO
Tactics For Ranking At The Top Of
YouTube… And Google

To learn more about Video Optimization, please visit:

Dallas Search Engine Optimization – SEO Part IV

Dallas Search Engine Optimization – SEO Part IV

Dallas Internet Marketing Consultant – SEO Expert
In part four of the training on search engine ranking, we focus on Google ranking factors. We start off with Meta tags that are important from a search engine crawler and robot point of view. We show you how to optimize the Title tag, Meta description and Meta keyword tags. We show you how to look up Meta tags on any web page using that view Page source option. Next we focus on HTML body tags which are important from a keyword density and relevance relevance perspective. For this portion of the video, we focus on H1 and H3 heading tags, bold and strong html tags. We end the lesson with anchor text.

Online Marketing NEPA – Social Media Optimization and SEO tricks

Online Marketing NEPA – Social Media Optimization and SEO tricks Social Media Optimization and other online marketing tactics can make a big difference in search engine position. Ranking high using video marketing is one of the key elements in social media because it brings fresh relevant content to the serp’s. We have years of experience in SEO; social media is just a new feature of marketing call 570-733-3844 for your free report and social media marketing consultation.