SEO Tools and SEO Training – GET THE BEST Search Engine Optimization TOOLS FOR FREE

SEO Tools and SEO Training – GET THE BEST Search Engine Optimization TOOLS FOR FREE

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SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. SEO helps you structure your website/ website page so that your website/page is found, read, and indexed by search engines in the most effective manner possible. In short, you want to be ranked well by Google and search engines – so that your customers and potential customers can find you!

SEO brings you tremendous benefits like :
– save you thousands of dollars monthly on paid advertising fees
– gets your website found
– increase your brand visibility
– drives targeted traffic leads to your website
– more traffic means higher chances of sales

There are hundreds of SEO tools out there and even more SEO Training and SEO courses. The purpose of this SEO Training video is to show you 5 FREE SEO Tools from Google which are extremely powerful. Use them well, and you are on the way to SEO and business success.

The SEO tools in this video include : Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Trends, Google Insights, and Google Keyword Tool. More SEO Training Tips can be found in the following :

This video is brought to you by Web Design Course Trainer Scott Tan, who is number 1 on Google for his websites, Facebook, YouTube videos and Google Places. Scott Tan is one of the newest breed and most popular WordPress Web Design Trainers. Scott specialises in making complex stuff simple for non-technical website or business owners.

Scott Tan regularly shares web design course tips, SEO Tips, SEO Tools, WordPress online training videos and tutorials and free seo training for business owners and newbies. These videos give you a high level idea of web design trends, updated SEO strategies and Search Engine Optimization Tools that you can DIY (do-it-yourself).

Majority of the people try to save money and DIY learning websites and SEO on their own. It is reported that the success rate of such DIY learning is only 5%. Hence, many students sign up for Scott Tan’s web design and SEO Training Courses in Singapore. Occasionally Scott travels to Asia, Malaysia, China, India, Thailand to train others. The benefits of learning from Scott include :

– he makes SEO Training simple for you
– he shows you the most updated trends and strategies that are relevant – many old SEO strategies, eg excessive or poor quality backlinks no longer work. Google has been changing their SEO ranking algorithm through Google Panda, Farmer and Penguin updates – don’t use the wrong SEO Tools or SEO Strategies and get your website wiped out unknowlingly!
– he shares with how to tap on very powerful and FREE SEO Tools, WordPress Plugins for search engine optimization, backlinking and social media strategies to drive traffic to your website.
– Scott Tan is a business owner and he thinks the same way as you. He goes beyond technical staff and programming to make sure what you do is for the benefit of your business. For eg, some of his students spend too much time to construct beautiful websites and Scott will advise them to get traffic and quality contents instead.

SEO can be learnt in 2 days or 2 months depending on how you learn and what type of SEO Training classes you attend. Why not learn from someone who has tried and experimented with all the latest SEO Tools, Tips and Strategies and succeeded at being Number 1 on Google? Would you like to attend one of the best seo training course?

If you are keen to learn SEO Training from Scott at affordable rates, please check out :

[Tutorial] Google Analytics – SEO Reports

[Tutorial] Google Analytics – SEO Reports

How to enable and use the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reports in Google Analytics, and how they tie into Google Webmaster Tools.
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YouTube Video Marketing | Marketing With Video

YouTube Video Marketing | Marketing With Video

YouTube Video Marketing | Marketing With Video | Call 714.300.9566

Do you lack the time to constantly create high-quality digital marketing content? YouTube video marketing can give any brand a competitive edge in generating more customers. In fact, marketing with video is one of the most effective inbound marketing tactics today.

This problem is now solved with our Premier Expert content marketing package. By producing and distributing tons of quality digital marketing content (videos, blogs, podcasts, etc.) over time, you will become recognized as a Premier Expert and authority within your field.

Imagine if, in one day if we could create six months to a year of digital content. How?

By putting on a full-day event, we will video the whole event and then carefully repackage the entire event into dozens of videos, written blog posts and podcasts. This content would then be “dip fed” to your channels and target audiences over the coming months or even up to a year.

Example: An 8-hour event that is videoed can be split up into 40-50 smaller videos, blog posts and podcasts – all optimized around keywords and topics of interest. Full production of the event, as well as the creation of the videos, written blog posts and podcasts, and their placement on the correct platforms, represents a complete “Done for You” branding-marketing package.

Here’s where our program becomes really exciting. I will demonstrate to you how this same content can then be repurposed into a book, elevating your prestige even further by helping you to become a published author. It is possible to create 6 months to an entire year’s worth of content with only a couple of days of your time. Too good to be true? Well, this is what can now be accomplished with our “Premier Expert” program. My digital marketing program is so unique and powerful, that we are now in discussion with a patent attorney on how to trademark our program.

As a personal branding expert, I know that this program is a complete game changer on how you can brand and market yourself as a Premier Expert. It will leave your competitors wondering why so many people are now turning to you for advice, as well as why you are expanding so fast with new business.

Contact me for a free discovery call to see if we are a right fit for each other. When we do talk, we can discuss prices and further details about this digital marketing program.

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YouTube Video Marketing | Marketing With Video | Digital Marketing | Personal Branding | Branding | Brand Management | Digital Video Marketing | Video Marketing

Local Seo

Local Seo

Local SEO Local SEO helps the search engines get a clear understanding of what your business is about and where you are located so they can match you with potential customers in your area.

With a well-executed Local SEO strategy, you can expect:

* More overall online visibility

* Increased brand recognition

* Instant connections with local leads while they are actively searching for your type of product or service

* Increase in profits and revenue




More Information about Local SEO :

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Seo – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Seo. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Look up SEO in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

Local search (optimization) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In computer science, local search is a metaheuristic method for solving computationally hard optimization problems. Local search can be used on problems that …

Local SEO|Search Engine Optimization|Local SEO Los …
Local search engine optimization wiki internet marketing strategy … Local SEO in Los Angeles and larger cities can mean cost effective approaches to internet …

Wikipedia C



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Creative Website Design Companies in Bangkok, Phuket, Bali, Maldives, Brunei: SEO Optimization

Creative Website Design Companies in Bangkok, Phuket, Bali, Maldives, Brunei: SEO Optimization

Creative Website Design Companies in Bangkok, Phuket, Bali, the Maldives, Brunei : SEO Optimization Experts
BLUE ORANGE ASIA is an innovative digital website design company and consultants based in Thailand and London UK, designing SEO optimized websites for clients in Bangkok , Phuket, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai Thailand, Yangon Myanmar, Hong Kong, the Maldives, Bali, Brunei, Phnom Penh Cambodia, KL Malaysia, London England UK and Jakarta Indonesia.
THE BEST BANDS work with us because as a website design consultant, we have designed and built website for many of the best brands in Asia including Mercedes cars website design Bangkok Thailand, SaigonM&C website design in HCMC Vietnam, Laoma Hotels website Maldives, Fico Group website Bangkok Thailand, MGallery Hotel Muse Bangkok website, Crest Hotel & Resort website Patong Phuket, Banyan Golf website Hua Hin Thailand, and P&G Olay website design in Yangon Mynamar.
OUR CORE WEB DESIGNER agency services include; new HTML web design and build Bangkok Thailand, Mobile Friendly website design Bangkok, mobile app webite design, wordpress websites Bangkok, website design, in Joomla design, wordpress design Bangkok, drupel design , HTML web design, website coding, SEO Search engine optimization Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Graphic design, Digital Web Marketing, Viral Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Mobile app websites Bangkok, SEO, CSS coding and optimization, Google ppc campaigns.
WE HAVE PRODUCED Corporate website in Bangkok, hospitality website design in Thailand, property development website design Bangkok and Phuket, FMCG product website design,, real estate website design Thailand, hotel and resort website design, jewelry website design, spa website design, bank website design, tourism and travel company website design, airline website design, retail product website design, consumer product website design, food and beverage product website design, luxury brand website design, golf club website design, Beauty and skincare product website design, Consumer retail websites, Property development websites, Hotel websites, Hospitality Resort websites, Hospitals and Healthcare websites, Retail Bank websites, Insurance and Financial websites, Automotive and Aviation websites..
As an experienced website design agency in Silom Bangkok Thailand, the best brands and companies choose us to develop design and build their websites and digital online brand experience because our team of talented website designers have over 15 years of credible qualified creative design expertise in business web design and SEO optimization.
OUR DESIGN AWARDS include, Cannes Festival Advertising Lions Finalists, Clio Awards Finalists, London D&AD Awards Finalists.
To experience our clear credible web design difference, contact us now for an informal FREE CONSULTATION.
Blue Orange Asia web designers, website design Bangkok Phuket Pattaya Thailand | | +66 (0) 231 2047 | | Visit our new London office

Milwaukee SEO Company | (855) 217-4717 Badger SEO

Milwaukee SEO Company | (855) 217-4717 Badger SEO

Milwaukee SEO
SEO Milwaukee
Milwaukee SEO Company
Milwaukee SEO Expert – Are you looking for a Milwaukee SEO specialist? If so, call Josh and Badger SEO today at (855) 217-4717!

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is something many people are looking for. We all know that most people are not using phone books and yellow pages any more. It is just too easy for people to go to Google and search for a product or service. Whether they are using a computer, tablet, or smart phone, the convenience these devices offer make finding help just a few clicks away.

If you are searching for Milwaukee SEO services, it is probably because you have noticed that your website is no where to be found in the organic search results, and your business is not listed anywhere in the Google Maps. If this is you, are you tired of handing money to your competition? The bottom line is this, if you are not ranking high in Google, and not listed in the maps, you ARE giving money and customers directly to your competition.

Badger SEO uses cutting edge SEO techniques that will not only help you rank high in Google, but keep you there. Our SEO team will employ a full throttle attack both on your site and off, and the end result will be more exposure, more website visitor, and ultimately more customers.

You searched something related to Milwaukee SEO. You watched the video. You are still here reading this description. The time to act is now. Call today, or visit and check out our Discovery Page to see how we can help you start getting the rankings you deserve!

Every day you are not ranked high in the search engines, you are handing money to your competition!

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Badger SEO
421 S. Creek Dr.
Elkhorn, WI 53121
(855) 217-4717

Should you focus on SEO or paid ads when you launch a website?

Should you focus on SEO or paid ads when you launch a website?

Conversion optimization: create a website that works better (with a no-risk guarantee):…So you get your new site launched—that’s awesome! But then you’re faced with how to get people to it. There’s two ways: the paid way or the organic way.

The organic way involves improving your search engine optimization, sharing on social media, telling your friends, mailing your email list, reaching out to affiliates, etc.

The paid way involves creating ads on Facebook, Google, other websites, in print media, etc.

The organic way is a long-term strategy; the paid way is a short-term strategy.

Which is better? Which do you start with, especially if you don’t have limitless time and money to put into it (and who does?)?

In this video, I answer this common question: “should I focus on search engine optimization and hire someone to help me rank in Google…or instead put money into ads?”

Thanks for watching! Get more tips and updates about website conversion by following me:


If your website is pretty but your marketing is not performing, consider exploring conversion optimization. Visit us at

Local SEO Specialist Woodstock Ga – Internet, Video & Social Media Marketing

Local SEO Specialist Woodstock Ga – Internet, Video & Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization Specialist Woodstock GA. (404) 620-6194 – – Internet, Video & Website Marketing. MagnetizeMe is a Internet Marketing Company specializing in getting your companies Website and Video Content found at the top of the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).
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Best Search Engine Optimization, Video & Website Marketing
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