Seo In Guk’s funny reaction about the secret of his birth (Eng Sub)

Seo In Guk’s funny reaction about the secret of his birth (Eng Sub)

This is a cut from Mamma Mia Episode 7, “Sons Over Flower Special”.
You can watch full episode here /watch?v=_5p-VqNOUHo

Since there are some of you who still don’t get it and I’m just too lazy to explain it over and over again so here I am explaining the situation.

1. Seo In Guk’s parents were introduced to each other in December and in October the following year, In Guk was born. Since there were around 10 months gap, Park Eun Young (the girl behind In Guk and his mom) was simply assuming In Guk’s parents slept together (or had sex) on the day they met for the first time.

2. The reason why Yeongja (the MC) was ‘mad’ when Kyuhyun said “You ate and….” is because Kyuhyun probably wanted to ask about their meeting for the first time but everyone misunderstood and thought that he was asking the details on how they ended up sleeping together. Lmao Kyuhyun XD

Maybe it is normal for some people to have sex before marriage but it is obviously not normal if you got together on the day you met for the first time and got pregnant not long after. That’s why the MCs said his mom is cool lol XD This is so funny I can’t resist myself from making a cut for this episode. I was laughing so hard at Seo In Guk when he said ‘omma!’. Hahahah xD Congratulation Seo In Guk, you just discovered the secret of your birth! LMAO xD

This video belongs to KBSW. I just made a cut from it. No copyright infringement intended.

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